Mark L. Prophet on "Blessed are the pure in heart"

(v.2, #19, published by The White Lodge, copyright 1980) "Purity, of course, has many definitions to the average person. But in the main I think that the average worldly person defines purity as a sterile condition, a condition where people don't really have a lot of fun. They're not very happy and they're involved in a religious situation from which they cannot extricate themselves so that they have to be lily-white and pure. There's an old saying that goes something like this: Everything I like is either fattening or immoral. And this seems to be the view that alot of people have in the world. They think that anything that really is pure is unhappy and antiseptic. I would like to refute that by stating that I believe that those who have genuine purity of heart are the happiest people in the universe. They can sleep at night. They don't have to worry about their conscience because they're doing the best they can. They are not self-righteous in the sense that as one man got up and said, 'Well, I've always been a very good person. I'm really very pure. I got a gold star for attending Sunday School every single week when I was a young child.' Alot of people have a very strange idea of what purity is. They think it's like a boy scout medal or something--something that you get because you've been good. And so Santa Claus won't bring you charcoal or anything like that for Christmas, but you get what you're supposed to get. This is not real at all, as most of you know. Purity of heart is a really divine quality, and it means that you are manifesting a divine quality in your own personal life. It is not really something that you do. It's something that you involve yourself in--a condition that you invite to be a part of your world that, once you establish the stability of a divine condition within your soul, that divine condition works out in the world and doeth the work. In other words, purity of heart is a gift from the Father God through the Christ of your being. And the Christ, or the Christos, is the light and the only begotten of the Father that is in each of you. It's the divine mediator. And the divine mediator magnetizes or draws upon the Godhead, upon your own mighty I AM Presence and brings the Presence into focus within you, and that is the Father established in you. And that is he 'that doeth the work.' And that is the basis for purity of heart. I think the problem in the other type of purity of heart is that people fancy themselves to be very, very good when the Master Jesus plainly indicated that he frowned on that in this statement as the fawning man approached and said, 'Good master, what must I do to inherit eternal life?' 'Why do you call me good?' he said. 'There is none good but one and that is God.' Because people placed everything on the basis of personal goodness, they have felt that they were in a juggling match, you know--a juggling match with God and the devil. Well, in reality there are many, many attacks and delusions and situations in the world that threaten our peace of mind and purity of heart. And this occurs even if one is established in the Presence. In other words, the attacks may occur but they have no power. Why, beside God these attacks are nothing but a pipsqueak. But alot of people give them power, and that is how we get involved in situations where we are sidetracked. We're sidetracked because we give power to that which is not really powerful at all. Nothing compares with the power of God and nothing compares with the power of your God Presence. You have to recognize that, and no one can tell you this often enough. We human beings need to be reminded of this almost constantly because we live in a world where the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune are continually invading the happy precincts of our mind if we let them. You say, 'Well, how do we stop them?' You go right back to your tube of light. You go back to establishing your tube of light--a radiance from the Father around yourself, an impregnability, a determination. Archangel Michael--he tells of wearing a crystalline helmet when the angels come into our octave where darkness is. Now you all know that if you wanted to go out in outer space right now with your physical bodies, it wouldn't be wise to even attempt it. It's like a diver getting the bends without his diver's suit. So if we went out without a space suit into space, we would be crushed also. We would not be able to breathe. Now do you understand that the angels and the archangels--when they come into our octave where imperfection is--have every right to utilize the divine repelling force against negatively qualified energy? I know alot of you dear, happy people work under illusion without realizing it. The old saying, 'Fools rush in where angels fear to tread' is so true in matters of purity of heart. People go into some of the worst places without realizing the effects of their association with various people and with various momentums that are established there. I want you to understand how many times you are involved in a situation where the other fellow that sat in the seat that you occupy on the bus or train or plane had vibrations that are certainly not the kind of vibrations you want. But they're there. And if you don't do your protection, you're not going to keep your purity of heart very long. I am convinced, absolutely convinced, that alot of very, very good and sincere people that go out and do things that are just awful--do it because they allow themselves to be wide open to the influences of other people. And they don't stay true to the purity of heart that God has already placed inside of them. They know better but they don't do better because--what is it that acts and influences them? It is the effect of other people's consciousness. Now I think it's time that you should begin to understand this and get wise to it so you don't continue to become affected by the depredations of other people. You should be affecting them, not them affecting you. You know, 'Don't call me, I'll call you.' It's sort of a good idea. You should be affecting them for the masters, but Jesus Christ made a very interesting statement once. He said, 'The children of mammon are wiser in their own generation than the children of light.' He meant what he said; this is true. However, he did not mean that we have to always be beat by the children of mammon, did he? It's wrong and it really is a stupid thing, but people keep right on doing it. They fall under banal influences and that's what happened. From an ascended master viewpoint, of course, we have to have the right feelings in our heart toward God. So when you say, 'Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God,' let it be an act of faith that realizes by being pure in our heart today toward the whole world, we are ultimately going to see God in our own face--we're going to see God in our own world. Two thousand years ago Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem of Judea. Today he is being reborn in countless hearts and our hearts have become a manger, a place where the Lord can lay. And when the Lord comes into a man's life, he has purity of heart in him right there. It's there; it abides there. And it's so really very very wonderful to have him make his home in us that one can almost be glad that he did ascend because this is the quality of an ascended being. Once they ascend, they are dispersed and they can be in your heart. They are dispersed through the cosmos. God claims them--'Enoch was not, for God took him.' And so the purity of heart that we have is a conglomerate purity. It not only comes from our own desire to be pure, but it comes from the contributing graces that every ascended master is making to us. They are contributing to our well-being. They are making our life different. They are helping us to change our thinking. And this is very very glorious!" The Builders by Henry W. Longfellow "...In the elder days of Art, Builders wrought with greatest care Each minute and unseen part, For the Gods see everywhere. (Gods, plural, as in Elohim) Let us do our work as well, Both the unseen and the seen; Make the house, where Gods may dwell, Beautiful, entire and clean. Else our lives are incomplete Standing in these walls of Time, Broken stairways, where the feet Stumble as they seek to climb. Build today, then, strong and sure, With a firm and ample base; And ascending and secure Shall tomorrow find its place. Thus alone can we attain To those turrets where the eye Sees the world as one vast plain And one boundless reach of sky."

The Crystallization of the God Flame: