Maitreya Fire #13

547. It is dishonest to read a book with premeditated condemnation.
548. Blessed is true cooperation with its element of spatiality.
549. Precisely Brotherhood can bestow invincible strength.
550. Disclose to what an extent labor is a vital necessity.
551. Show by your example that you can proceed in one service. One may perceive how an unsteady consciousness falters at each casual glitter.
553. The primary energy is self-sufficient for healing.
556. Pursuing the direction of the springs of lofty communion, one may find the Brotherhood.
558. One should recognize the call of urgent need as unavoidable and help one's energy to strive in accordance to its magnetic attraction; let it labor usefully.
561. Can so-called living corpses wander about on Earth for a long time? Yes, depending on their animal attraction to the physical world. Finer energy leaves them, their radiations become negligible, and a small apparatus reveals signs of death. Physicians may vainly examine their aorta, pointing to a valvular heart disease.
565. Tests of equilibrium should be carried out upon oneself.
569. Freedom is the adornment of wisdom, but profligacy is the horns of ignorance. At each crossroad one may notice the conflict of the Guide's wisdom and the wayfarer's light-mindedness.
572. He who rejects cooperation inevitably falls into slavery. A hardened heart not only forgets the help received but even derides the unbidden Helpers.
573. Be not ashamed to reiterate persistently if you see that the salutary counsel is being scorned by the ignorant.
574. Only in the Brotherhood can one learn of openness and secrecy.
575. Remember the many who have toiled for the Brotherhood. Contemporaries do not forgive concern over the common good.
576. The heart prays for eternal life of the consciousness--consciousness in ascent untiringly.
577. One should not speak or even think of the Brotherhood if dissension, disturbance and unbelief are felt. Blasphemy settles indelibly upon the aura, not easy to wash away. The clearest reflection of the Tower of Chun can be shattered by a crude touch.
578. Thought and work directed to the common good is a strong weapon against evil. With what can one block the path of evil? Only with labor on Earth, aided by lofty thought, giving the victorious path.
579. The vouching of the heart is that pathos that uplifts the primary energy.
580. A plea from one filled with the poison of irritability or fear will not be useful. The Light of Truth is the light of courage and devotion.
581. Let us safeguard the Brotherhood.
585. Even if you cannot determine precisely the destination spot, nevertheless send your salutary thought into space. It will find the right course and be joined magnetically with Our Help. Beauty is found when, from diverse quarters of the world, thoughts of salvation come flying--in this each one may emulate the Brotherhood.
586. Since unification of thought produces multiplication of energy in a striking progression, it is but natural to bring together powerful thoughts. Such a base is the point for diffusion of the thought of salvation. Only Brotherhood can cultivate the will.
587. There are many examples where hypocrites turned away from the concept of Brotherhood, yet bowed humbly down before it for the sake of display. Whom do they propose to deceive? Can it be the Brotherhood?
588. Let us attract thru love, causing no suffering--Our Covenant.
589. Still people forget about the constant exchange of energy.
593. Asian peoples have preserved the memory of the Brotherhood.
597. True science lives thru brotherly communion--such is the Covenant of Brotherhood.
598. Contending for precedence cannot exist in Brotherhood. A natural hierarchy flows out of priority of knowledge and preeminence of spirit. Brotherhood based upon the heart's straight-knowledge is unconditional.
602. Where words about the Brotherhood are dragged in the dust of the bazaar, do not expect a harvest. Each concept requires its proper environment. A mood of solemnity is the best guide to Brotherhood.
603. "May the Teacher help me to bring assistance where it is needed."
604. The assumption of personal superiority is one of the most shameful manifestations of imperfect spirit. It not only corrups all surroundings but it also remains as the greatest impediment to improvement. Thought of cooperation and Brotherhood is salutary in guarding against such a dangerous ailment, and calls forth new strength.
608. Are there among people none to raise their voices for truth and beauty of life? Many messengers are hastening to prevent madness.
609. Those who know not how to think have no imagination. Loss of imagination is renunciation of joy.
610. Travellers utter not the word Brotherhood, yet each listener comprehends what center of Knowledge is meant. Perchance people may not learn the statues, nevertheless they grow stronger at the mere message that the Stronghold of Knowledge does exist. Rejoice then!

When consciousness is bedimmed and higher concepts seem afar, at least ponder on unity of good action.
It is unthinkable to turn from all that brings strength.
There can be no lasting labor in the name of dissension; unacceptable is dust at the threshold.
When you are ready for the long journey, clear dust to leave a clean place behind you.
In all manifestations of life let us remember the center of Knowledge and Justice--Brotherhood.###

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