Maitreya Fire #13
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15. Powerful energy has been released from a single spark. From a flash of nerve force can be established a constant influx of forces. People long ago realized that an onset of nerve energy is far more powerful than muscular force.
It is unwise to entrust a precious vessel to an inexperienced messenger. Likewise it is impossible for the Brotherhood to summon incognizant people. Without steadfast realization people cannot take upon themselves the burden of larger concepts. If the spark of realization already shines, then the bearing of the rest of the load becomes progressively possible.
16. Some speak little of the Brotherhood but do much for this. Others have
ever Brotherhood on their tongues and are never far from treachery.
17. One must love arduousness in order to prefer challenges. It must be realized that the tasks of life are infinite and the perfectionment process unending. Whoever is afraid cannot grow to love labor. Work can be accompanied by both joy and inspired thought. One must test oneself in everything.
18. In each inspiration, in each burst of enthusiasm, self-renunciation infallibly is included. One can deprive oneself of courage and steadfastness by repeating to oneself about difficulties of fulfillment. Instead of speaking of broken courage, call this condition simply faint-heartedness. Bones and muscles can give way, but the spirit is unbreakable! The faint-hearted and wavering man cannot serve the Brotherhood. Self-renunciation is nothing else but inspiration.
19. Let us not take obstinacy along with us. Stubbornness is a paralysis of the best centers. Reason and wisdom contain no restrictive stubbornness.
20. We forewarn as to what load should not be taken on a long journey. One should be fortified with joy, testing it in diverse circumstance and in all kinds of weather. One should not torture and torment oneself, but make tests to ascertain one's endurance.
21. Any food containing blood is harmful for the development of finer energy. Try to carry out a finer energy experiment near a slaughterhouse and you will receive signs of acute madness, not to mention the entities which attach themselves to the exposed blood.
22. There are many contradictions contained in man. Only the perfecting of finer energy can promote the harmonization of life. Contradiction is nothing but disorder. Medical supervision is no higher than that of the police for they only prosecute, they cannot minister to causes.
23. In cosmic storms the current of all-chemistry is constantly being unsettled and the rays refracted.
24. Hypocrisy, bigotry and superstition, minions of ignorance--one should ponder how these pernicious corrupters have grown up. They grow imperceptibly. There has never been a time when they were more prevalent than presently. People cannot understand that spatial thought can free them from their shackles. Knowledge shames the ignorant.
25. As a mountain is seen from afar, so too is Brotherhood. Long ago it was said that one does not ascend by a smooth stone. On the path to Brotherhood there are many turnings of the way.
26. It can be boldly affirmed that a great majority of finer indications either glide over people's consciousness or are incorrectly interpreted. Conventional egoistic practises have to be abandoned on the paths to Brotherhood. People revolve so much within the circle of their own expressions that they do not perceive other signs. When people see a passerby being exposed to danger, they warn him with a short outcry and do not read him lectures on the cause of his misfortune. Everyone has had opportunity many times to convince himself that the respone of the Brotherhood to appeals has come in signs which outwardly are very insignificant.
27. It is better to reply to people's seekings than to leave behind the engendering of poison.
28. Enough is known about the existence of the Brotherhood of Good and the Brotherhood of Evil. It is likewise well-known that the latter strives to imitate the former in means and methods. The employment of finer energy helps to discern infallibly at heart the essence of manifestations. It is precisely quality that is necessary for the discrimination of the essence. Not without foundation is the discrimination of the primary energy called the armor of Light.

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