Maitreya Fire #13
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29. Why then is this not entrusted to all? Each does have it, but it is often closed up behind seven locks.
30. It is impossible to be devoted to Service if one's essence is billowing like waves under a crosswind. The same awakened energy enables people to provide themselves with calmness in observing events, an essential matter for service.
31. The Teaching has brought you thru many dangers.
32. It is impossible to harmonize labor, to arrive at mutual understanding, to gather patience and tolerance and to free oneself from irritation without finer energy. In everything there must be application of the primary energy itself. Even pictures of people react upon the finer energy.
33. One must learn not to irritate people to whom certain knowledge is inaccessible. Experienced observation whispers to one when discussion will be in vain.
34. Brotherhood firstly requires equilibrium. The teacher must know to what extent the pupil can engage in argument without introducing irritation.
35. On realization/development of finer energy is built brotherly cooperation. Approach to Brotherhood requires the awakening of the primary energy. Where the useful and where the useless--many pearls have been swept away with the dust. Patient assistance helps one's companion assimilate more thoroughly vital principles.
36. Finer energy is called the organ of the fourth dimension.
37. Many do not accept the concept of finer energy.
38. Everything natural is to be attained naturally. Only by way of experiment do people accustom themselves to tensions of various degrees. A man in a state of preparedness is ready to receive the messenger.
39. In disciplinary training terror firstly has to be conquered.
40. If primary energy manifests and contacts thru it be harmonized, there will be affirmed a lasting bond. Indeed, above all else is the primary energy. In such wise stands Brotherhood on steadfast pillars.
41. What is the natural path? The most unrestricted way of learning, with tolerance and patience, without any sectarianism. The disease of self-limitation bears no resemblance to self-sacrifice. Man limits himself for his comfort. For unconfined action one must be filled with magnanimity and discover causes and effects with a benevolent eye. Austere labor has nothing in common with censoriousness. Only limited people condemn. Potentiality is attracted to irrepressible striving. Only in motion lies the natural path!
42. What empty sounds can stifle the will of a man and forever impede the path already molded!
43. How overcome the assaults of the calls of comfort, convenience and regret without preparation and illumination?
44. People have identified rest with inaction and thus found subtle enfeeblement. Inaction is most corruptive for finer energy. Rest is nothing but equilibrium, energy-tension in proportion. The path of tension is the path of striving. Unrest begets aimless bustle. Only in equilibrium--proportionate energy tension--is it possible to restore and strengthen one's forces.
45. Cosmic energy bursts are balanced in great rhythm.
46. Note how much people fail to consider their destination.
47. There was an ancient game in which people tried to make each other angry. Whoever became angry first was the loser.
48. Each should first attune his own instrument. Finer energy is assimilated by people in different ways. For reception of finer energy one must establish in oneself constant alertness.
49-50. Every man infallibly cultivates in himself his own labor rhythm, acquired thru conflict and patience. But ignorance opposes this rhythm. Rhythm can be realized only when it has been absorbed into the nature of a man.
51-2. Recognition of Hierarchy is accompanied by joy; all coercion and falsehood are attended by grief. Experiment with finer energy shows these things. Experiment with thought-waves shows all movement to be spiral.
53. Broadened consciousness helps establish clarity; any instability is inadmissible.

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