Maitreya Fire #13
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Agni Yoga, courtesy of Maitreya Samgha

Great Sanctity surrounds Brotherhood.
Consciousness is vibrant with great joy when keyed to the cooperation of
Knowledge--this affirms the living presence of True Co-workers.
Let us recall the fundamentals leading to Brotherhood.

1. Amidst daily life people assimilate with difficulty an understanding of cooperation, yet much more difficult and inaccessible to them is the concept of Brotherhood. If even in the narrow domain of domestic life people do not find within themselves the affirmation of brotherhood, then in the wider sense it may seem to them to be impractical. Bodily heritage, or blood relationship, impedes the acceptance of the concept of Brotherhood.
2. Hearkening to all songs and customs concerning Brotherhood, one perceives a wondrous ode of mankind's aspirations. Achievements in the name of Brotherhood ever exemplify self-renunciation of the pure-hearted. Yet Brotherhood is especially desecrated and debased.
3. Brotherhood has been linked with liberty and equality, but this trinity was conceived in the earthly meaning.
4-5. Precisely in the periods of great earthly obduracy one observes how people have agreed to debase the concept of brotherhood. Rarely is it possible to converse of Brotherhood. People sometimes establish brotherhoods, but such superficial and pompous institutions have nothing in common with the great concept of Brotherhood, for in their foundations is not even simple trust.
Upon the fragments of ancient symbols one may observe the vitality of the basic concepts. Just when, amid the earthly viewpoint, everything has been transgressed, even then most beautiful concepts are aborning.
6. Let us speak of the necessary concepts at this low ebbtide, when people consider them hopeless. People in their despair will seek the scattered seeds of the predestined fellowship. Despair can be the forerunner of renewing vision.
7. Compulsion is not an attribute of conviction. It is impossible to command friendship to exist, or especially brotherhood. These concepts require selflessness and an understanding of fundamentals.
The heart palpitates with the beauty of the meaning of Brotherhood. Perhaps, as an earthly anchor, Brotherhood maintains equilibrium? Perhaps someone will remember in reality the Tower?
8. The spark of Infinity must be expressed in everything. There may be noted whole series of concepts succeeding each other. No greater concept than Brotherhood can be named that so crowns the earthly interweave in correspondence to the essence of the subtle and fiery realms. Between friendship/cooperation and the subtle realm is something belonging equally to both realms--brotherhood. Brotherhood extends between the three realms as a firm bridge.
9. One needs to discover a crack in the walls of limitation, where potential approach to Infinity may exist; even in daily life there may be found the unifying principle, so that both the very small and the very great can be generally accepted. Perhaps on every planet there is a place for great encounters.
10. In no way is it right to conceal something good in outmoded terms when it is possible to express it more comprehensibly for broad masses of people. Surely, knowledge is not for the elect but for all! Science cannot surpass the limited mechanistic circle till this wall is surmounted by the understanding of the subtle realm.
11. Prohibitive thinking is limited. Without the primary energy no medicine will have the necessary effect. The physician should be acquainted with the basic energy, whether his style is more theoretic or practical--homeopathic or allopathic, for there is the operative factor for speediest recovery.
12. Light must be thrown upon the interweave of many concepts to pave the way of Brotherhood.
13. Hence, let us fortify ourselves with trust. Mistrust or doubt is deadly to the best vitamins. Even the best vegetable vitamins cannot manifest their best properties when they enter a poisoned organism. The being filled with doubt is unfit for even primitive cooperation. The beautiful discipline of voluntary harmony lies at foundation of the Brotherhood's labors. Without trust there would be no quality to the Brothers' labor for the general good. It is useful to possess pure thinking, as it knows indeed the meaning of trust.
14. It is useful to possess pure thinking, as it knows indeed the meaning of trust. Even in the earthly plane man sees what he wishes to; moreso, then, in the subtle realm where everything is composed of thought. How useful is pure thought that vibrates in trust.

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