Maitreya Fire #13
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217. Rest, like nirvana, is an effervescence which does not boil away. At least let one acknowledge that even in the hour of Armageddon it is needful to have clear consciousness. Let those of little faith not bewail the fact that their rest is being challenged.
218-9. We must test ourselves in the most diverse circumstances; people cannot understand in what manner a king is transformed into a cobbler. Let him who strives for practical occultism reflect on incarnations, on the mystery of birth and change of existence.
220. The present time is distinguished by the shattering of morality. The help of the Teaching must be directed to the affirmation of moral foundations. Reinforce the heart as the focalpoint of enlightenment. The embryo of enthusiasm grows into beautiful inspiration. A drop of goodness is transformed into effective good. A grain of love grows into a beautiful garden.
221. If brutality can make fun of Brotherhood, this will be the worst kind of savagery. Derision is not acuteness of mind. Humor is contained in a wise attitude towards events taking place, but the gaping mouth of the dull-witted is a disgrace to mankind. Is it a game, when mankind becomes the plaything of madness? They meet with fulfillment who uplift the Chalice with clean hands.
222. In the course of the day each one can apply something from the Teaching; then comes the joy of unity.
223. Only the ignorant and those vaunting a false wisdom begin fighting against the evidence of primary energy. The primary energy seeks admittance into all nerves of mankind. It is unfitting to ask whether one should develop it. It is impossible to develop the primary energy, one can only safeguard it against the chaotic waves. Only the ignorant and those vaunting a false wisdom begin fighting against the evidence. But let us not take to heart the attempts of the ignorant, they merely make a wreath to each effort to help life.
224. Let the Light find the ordained paths.
225. Very often the spontaneous feeling of a child could prompt the necessary investigations.
230. It is not easy to realize that earthly life is a momentary vision.
231. The time comes when clairvoyance, scientifically treated, helps piece together the fragments of shattered vessels of ancient knowledge.
232. Sendings of feeling (telepathy) are more accessible to man than thought-sendings.
233. There are no conditions that could not prove to be conductors of the subtlest energies.
235. In a large number of poisons their preparations work injury at great distances. Only criminal stupidity thinks that injury is done only to the enemy. It cannot be permissible to poison a people, condemning it to maladies which make their appearance only after a passage of time. Let rulers try living in a house which has been poisoned!
237. Certain people attach no significance to inner readiness. For them if something is not in motion before the eyes of everyone it means that it does not exist. Let us not consider medical problems only in the fatal stage; so too in man's relations.
238. If a bough has been senselessly broken, let us nevertheless carry it to the temple, that is to say, let us be compassionate.
240. Quite unfortunate is when something petty undermines the organism, and the salutary force of the primary energy is inactive. Such a situation must be recognized, otherwise people begin to strive for the small and grow content with the mediocre. It is striking to observe how persecutions and oppressions multiply one's strength.
241. Even in complex circumstances of cooperation, it is possible to find positive factors, and by such stones it is less dangerous to cross the stream. Abuse, like a thistle, grows rapidly, and with it there is no advance. Each word impresses a glyph upon the aura. Filth is unfitting in any brotherhood.
242. People do not like to acknowledge, voluntarily or otherwise, how often a grain of dissension ruins the best combinations. Unity cannot flourish if grit has been spilled on each wheel.
243. For the assimilation of cooperation a whole series of lives is sometimes required. People understand with difficulty the combining of individuality and communal labor.
244. Friendship is in silence, an ancient Chinaman once said. It can also be stated conversely.
246. Mankind is ready to suspect each good intention. Without trust there is no cooperation. It makes absolutely no difference what the fundamentals of existence are called, provided they be maintained and observed!
247. We ask you to be more good at heart--this is the very best balm.
248. People strip away the virgin covering of the planet and then are astounded at the spread of sandy wastes.
249. It is wrong not to help the heart first of all.
251. People try to insert their own meaning into each word they hear. Only very keen eyes distinguish where is reality and where the mirage of a casual mood. Threat and violence are not of Our Domain. Compassion and warning is the province of Brotherhood. When man dreams of Brotherhood, let him first of all cleanse his eyes from the layer of accumulated dust.
255. Whoever is ready for fraternal labor must know how to watch himself.
256. It must be understood that it is not Our custom to demand blind faith. What would be the use of such a demand, since observation and attentiveness yield better results? We have already stated that all questions concerning the inner consciousness must be severely tested, and if, out of a hundred dubious and obscure communications, one proves to be authentic, this already is a success.
257. Let quests for truth be not full of gall. Verily, a kind cooperation is indispensable.
258. Let man not forget that the vitality of a seed is great. Thus let us sow, without thinking where the beautiful garden will spring up and expand. The basis of Brotherhood is trust in work.
262. Fire is required for tempering the best blades. Without fire the centers of the organism cannot be refined. Inflammation of centers is unavoidable, but one needs only to be very careful during such periods.
263. Let us not forget to gaze at a column which represents space, and try to imagine where irritation could be marked on it--no place will be found for it, and it is the same with egoism in the face of Infinity.
265. It is time for people to realize that life is continuous. It is not for man to think about the grave, but about wings and ordained beauty.
266-7. Not for tomorrow must consciousness be amassed, but for eternal paths into Infinity. During all existences, Brotherhood will meet together and affirm labor in common.
268. Directing thought to the root of concerns is not now easy, for confidence has been stifled, and thus the energy of perception has been brought into inaction.
269. Chaos is jealous and raging, overwhelming wherever the least vacillation is found. It may be noted that treacheries take place on the eve of especially useful actions. Darkness and chaos watch over pathways and seek whoever is capable of helping them. On the other hand many cases of heart unity have overcome darkness.

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