Elohim Arcturus Dictation of July 4, 1932

At the Ballard home, Chicago; Saint Germain's Invocation:

Mighty sustaining, enfolding Presence! We give praise and thanks for thy life everlasting, thy youth eternal, thy light illumining.


O America! We love you! Mighty seed of God's eternal manifestation, We give praise and thanks that thou art sustained and governed by God alone. The day on which independence within thy heart was established, thou didst become a radiating center of light to all humanity. We give praise and thanks that out of all will come peace and prosperity to mankind in thy embrace. Back of thee is the power that will sustain and maintain the reign of God on Earth. His light shall illumine and strengthen the hearts of thy children in all ruling places; and out of all shall come love, justice and wisdom.

America, We love you! America, We love you! America, We love you! Today, O America, those mighty Messengers of God who have passed before look upon thee with their hearts filled with love and strength, the love of the Mighty I AM Presence flowing forth to heal, to bless and to prosper thy inhabitants. The very substance of Earth is being quickened into greater action. Again as the children of God walk the earth, so shall they feel the current of God flowing in--quickening them into greater love, loyalty and desire for thy freedom. O America! Thou dost seem to have become bound, but thou art not. Thou art entering into thy great freedom. Thou dost seem in the throes of pain, but thou wilt be born into that great peace, health, happiness and prosperity. We give praise and thanks that this is God's wisdom--the Mighty I AM Presence--speaking.

The Christ Child enfolding thee, America, has grown into majesty and power. It no longer speaks but commands obedience of all that is of the outer to the service of the inner Presence. The power of divine love governs thee and consumes all unlike itself. America! We give praise and thanks that thou art a great jewel within the heart of God, the lamp of illumination lighted by the Mighty I AM Presence, the chalice, the crystal cup holding in its pure radiance the freedom, peace, health, prosperity and illumination of those who dwell within thy embrace. May all the world feel thy radiance and be blest by it. Peace! Peace! Peace! And on earth goodwill to man.

Note by Ballard: ...Today is a focal point of ten thousand years, the beginning of another cycle of ten thousand years in which the great ones from Venus who have always been instrumental in the upliftment of humanity and our Earth, this day come forth and pour out to humanity throughout the Earth a mighty radiance.

Chicago, 7-11-32:

Thou mightiest of the mighty, thou mighty God! We face thy sunrise! These thy children face the sunrise of the soul and receive thy all-sustaining power, thy courage, thy wisdom and thy illuming Presence! Thou mightiest of all energy! We accept thy Presence. Thou all-powerful active Presence animating our minds and forms, thou mighty intelligence! We accept thy all-powerful activity directing every moment of the outer form, holding it close to thy mighty embrace.

In every activity of life there must be something to which the consciousness can be anchored or which can stabilize it. In the outer mind there are principles and formulas that it may use in coming to a definite conclusion. For instance, by following the principles of mathematics we come to certain results. When a formula is worked out you produce certain results--no question about it. How much more important it is then to get the attention of the individual fixed upon that indwelling Presence with the same assurance. You must know that the principle of life in you and enfolding you is far greater than the outer things which you have experienced for long centuries and have unknowingly clung to.

(Stand and face the East, offer:) O mighty God in me! I face thy eternal sunrise and receive its mighty radiance and activity, visibly manifest in my experience.

All problems are but to compel a recognition of God as the supreme controller and activity in all things.

When the explanations of the sayings of the Master Jesus is given at the point We are at today, it is curious what tremendous strength and power were in the statements He made--showing what a powerful condensation they were.

I AM the divine plan of the light in physical operation.

Saint Germain in 1937-8, quotes:

My joy is very great this morning in having this opportunity to speak to you, and may I shake the hand of everyone of you. America is the heart of light of the Earth; and some place, some spot of earth must be kept clean and free, that the powers of light may hold their dominion to spread to the rest of the world. Remember, blessed people, that kindness is the greatest thing in the world if you wish to achieve. -NYC, 10-24-37

There is nothing mysterious about this work. When all is understood, it is practical. What is the desire within you? That you have freedom and every good thing that you require for use! -Philadelphia, 11-14-37

Because when you speak the words I AM, you are announcing divinity or the Godhead at your point in the universe, and there is no power of human creation that can stand against those words! You simply from the physical octave make the (daily) call to the great Presence above you to place that tube of invincible protection about you. It will establish that tube of light, and the violet consuming flame passing from your feet up; and it will dissolve every discordant thing you have created about you through the centuries....& as I have said repeatedly, everyone can prove this law right, and there is not a living person who can prove it wrong....Joy is the great motor of life. -Los Angeles, 12-19-37

Now then, when you come to know this Presence of all life, turn your attention to it and let it take command of your mind, body and your world of action. It will produce its harmony first, then its perfection and its success and achievement in whatever direction your attention is directed....that is the secret of all achievement, gentlemen--the maintained harmony in your feeling world that allows the power of this mighty intelligence and energy of the Presence to flow forth into your body and out into your world, untouched by human qualification that acts through your feeling....what your attention is upon, you become! Where your attention is, there you are! The only permanent thing is the calling forth of the powers of the Presence until the great cosmic light joins it. -Oakland, 1-23-38

In that power of light, don't rush physically into things, but stand calm and serene in the call to your Presence of light, and let that mighty fire of life burn its way before you in its mighty power of radiation. Then when you physically move forward, you will find the way harmonious and clear for every human being who will give their attention to the power of life, call it into action, and harmonize their feeling. That is what I want you to do. The human accumulation of mankind does not want mankind to hold concentration long enough to let them find out they are the master of that energy and life that flow through, by the power of their concentration. -Detroit, 5-8-38

Here is the dividing line, right here at your solar plexus. Right above your hips is the dividing line, so to speak, between the divine and the human. If your attention is upon sex desire, you drive all that energy down away from your heart and brain. And how can you have the intelligence to keep you from making mistakes if you do that? -Denver, 6-18-38

Saint Germain and the Minute Men: