I. Panama Canal

The Chinese population in Panama is largely middle-class small merchant. However, the price of a black market US tourist visa is said to be $1-3000. The whole black market price from mainland China to Panama and then to US comes perhaps to $9-15,000. http://www.hardboiled.org/2-3/diaspora.html http://www.conservativeusa.org/panama-washtimes.htm Americans should reckon that the Chinese by nature are longterm oriented in strategy, that the effort of entering the US is not based upon a quick payoff. Two Chinese military officers were quoted in a Beijing newspaper saying Panama would be an ideal launching pad for a no limits war against the US. They wrote a book entitled Unrestricted War, surveying the options of terrorism, biowarfare, drug trafficking, environmental degradation and computer hacking. http://www.house.gov/bachus/pr112299.htm The rationale of the Panama Canal giveaway came from Rockefeller and Kissinger in the 1965-75 period, namely that America should part with some of her wealth for the sake of less developed peoples. Because Americans will be repeatedly tested by subtle forces and theories, let us examine closely the Rockefeller-Kissinger rationale. Some are aware that these two were the very leaders of the somewhat secretive power elite of the western hemisphere, that it certainly was NOT their OWN money and power that they sought to sacrifice. Rather, the Rockefeller-Kissinger plan was that the American people should become impoverished and dependent upon the big bankers. With a US national debt at $6 trillion, that end has largely been achieved.

US Internal War

In appearance America seems wealthy. The root money, or momentum of influence via the the purse-strings, is certainly however NOT with the US Treasury or Congress anymore, but largely with the power elite and their Federal Reserve System (which system is extra-Constitutional, as the Fed Reserve is not required to have their accounting audited by Congress nor is it in the check and balance system). As some realize, the American people pay stiff interest on a very large debt, which goes largely to the money elite and to their profit lust. We pay in other ways too. The ratio of US debt to US Gross Domestic Product is a basic indicator; in 1980 it was some 30-odd%, in 1995 some 70-odd%, according to the 1997 World Book Encyclopedia article on debt.

A typical example of the money elite is "In 1939 the Pharmaceuticals Trust was formed by an alliance of the world's two greatest cartels in history--the Rockefeller Empire and the German chemical company I. G. Farben (Hoechst and Bayer companies are descended from I. G. Farben)." http://www.safe2use.com/lawsuit/about_chemical_companies/medical-fraud.htm

The root issue in America's debt is that Americans have been so very unwise in losing the power of the purse. The Central Banking approach--essentially simply monopolistic theory plus paper money--has triumphed practically thruout the world, after many centuries of effort toward that goal.

Congress was assigned by the Constitution as watchdog of our coinage, to preserve the gold and silver standard. Freedom is greatly based upon the ground level. Gold and silver have well served thruout history for reliability in all main points, and they are far harder to manipulate and to deceive with than paper money. Nowadays, electronic information by swiftness and transparency has greatly spurred economics. Scientific adaptability has outpaced the old power/money elite in certain ways. Nevertheless, strategic lessons are more crucial than ever to Americans.

The information revolution still depends upon our overall comprehensive and well-anchored strategy, for liberty is intensely opposed by the many tyrants. Information, like money or manure, if merely piled up will rot--it must be spread about.

The economic/political lesson for America at hand shows that our internal enemies/challengers are more exacting for us to overcome than our external ones. The key question all along has been whether the self-destructive but clever power/money elite will take down America with them, or whether Americans will perceive the pattern and direction of their designs and counteract those. 12-19-01