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At the Kali Temple near Calcutta where he was employed in the latter 1800s, Ramakrishna struck an unconventional note, in fact by most he was considered to be a crazy priest. At one point concerned locals summoned a learned council to meet upon the issue of just what state Ramakrishna was in. Only one voice, of a yogini from eastern Bengal, had been proclaiming Ramakrishna as not crazy but God-intoxicated.

After some days, the meeting of Hindu notables and scholars agreed that there was according to scripture and examination something more to Ramakrishna's state of being than mere craziness, but they came short of the yogini's confident viewpoint. At this juncture, the yogini answered the young Ramakrishna's confidential question to her, "Am I crazy?" with "All the world is crazy for something; you are crazy for God."

The mass consciousness above all resists and opposes the divine presence in its midst. At the low ebb of morality in the land, says Indian thought, comes the divine incarnation to redeem.

overview of I AM Activity

"Shasta is a vajra in an emerald setting." -Guy Ballard

The White Tara and Green Tara demonstrate the interplay of yang and yin, where in one case vajra-intensity may lead the way while calm jade green may support and hold the general matrix. Analgously, emerald may lead and a pearly or clear fire may surround. In fact, fearlessness flame is scintillating white-fire edged with emerald. The I AM Activity began at Mt. Shasta in 1930 with St. Germain meeting Guy Ballard.

It may be that at close in the early 1970s St. Germain found that the green upholding matrix, or even both the vajra and the green of the I AM Activity, had lost the required tuning. But, what of the seed-spirit carried thru the I AM Activity??

Let us reach for perspective. Take a half-cycle of Uranus' orbit round the sun: 42 Earth-years. Uranus happens to have its axis in its orbital plane, unlike the other planets. Notice that the I AM Activity running from 1930 to 1972, roughly, is 42 years. A rest phase for Uranians might either be at 42 years or after the full one orbit round the sun of 84.09 Earth-years.

Multiply 42 x 100, 100 being the generous supply of primal energy of cosmos; 42 years as the Uranian key here. This 4200 years is close to a pair of Ages, e.g. Piscean Age + Aquarian Age is 2160 + 2160 = 4320 Earth-years. We have rough equivalence then. Note that Charles Sindelar's painting of Chart of the Presence flanked by his paintings of the two Hierarchs may well symbolize this 4200-4320 year period. Serapis Bey as architect and El Morya as builder teamed up at 6:00 and 5:00 lines to give forth the Great Pyramid at Cheops, also expediting higher purpose.

red hard winter wheat

In the 1920s an American took the initiative to seek out a very hearty wheat strain that could withstand the harshness of N. American northern plains and yet decently grow. A tough order; in his day no farmer had a grain that could grow north of about Nebraska, at any rate no wheat grain. Years later someone in Washington, DC government finally decided to give this dreamer backing for his search. Where to look? The dreamer felt it would be found in Russia. But what grain could grow amid summer near drought, winter cold and rough sweeping winds? The dreamer travelled thru southern Russia and finally found a short in height grain that the wind would not cut down, that could also stand dryness on one hand and severe cold on the other.

In the US northern plains he got some farmers to try it. The farmers saw that it grew but still weren't pleased: the local millers could not mill this new grain, for the regular wheat grains were soft while this hard kernel literally wore out their grindstones. The dreamer found a miller with a tougher grindstone. But American housewives were unfamiliar with this grain, why should they buy it? The dreamer finally took to placing magazine advertising--how this hard red grain made such wonderful macaroni! Nowadays, that wheatgrass juice you drink? That's it, very lifegiving hard red winter wheat, from Russia as far as we know!

from Mark L. Prophet's life

Mark, Elizabeth and staff had moved from Washington, DC in the mid-1960s to Colorado Springs, CO. One day at La Tourelle, their headquarters with its little turret rising amid some trees just before the steep eastside slope of the Rockies, Mark spoke emphatically of their property in this wise before a little group seated in the main meeting room that sat less than a hundred. 1972. "St. Germain had marked this site for us, his maltese cross was in various points on this property!" Mark often spoke emphatically, suddenly too. On one occasion in 1972 he remarked via his memory: "Out across the French fields rang (entoning) "Couvrez le feu!" Apparently he was experiencing in his mind olden campfires of fortified encampment(s), with night curfew sounded forth.

Mother stated once that in the 1970s that in the early days of the Summit, amid a kind of stubbornness of early members, Mark was feeling frustrated and ready to throw in the towel. Mother stated that from the blue Morya suddenly called Mark "Simla!" That's all. Simla in Sanskrit means lion. Mother stated that then Mark periodically at home roared like a lion, and this helped him to adjust to the difficulty. Mark in June 1972 briefly spoke to a little group at La Tourelle: "Elizabeth and I are going to Hawaii on a short vacation, one long overdue for us." It turned out that a year later Mother took a small group hiking up to the summit of Pike's Peak; this may have been the follow-up to the vacation, for The Flame of Mu was then anchored for North America thereby, or reinforced at that point.

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