251. Streams of joy fill the ocean of the Creator's thought. 253. Display fire, earthly emanations need it. Old forms are of no use. 255. Know one thing, good mood and activity help Us best. Not for revelations but for service did I summon you. 256. Think not of failure when wings are bestowed on you. 257. You must take care of yourself and endure until the culmination. A powerful wave must be directed to engulf entrenched evil. The noumenon of power must be invoked. With erected focuses must the fortifications of evil be broken. 258. Steadiness is not in trust alone but in construction. Trust makes of Me the architect, but you must build. 259. Speak not of races, the drops of different seas are alike. 260. To the wings that have touched the sun, to the courser before sunrise, to the song filling midnight, the way is not terrible and cruel. The star is close to those who have found the rallying-point/receiver. A smile should be sent to the stars. 261. When we are in a house, we see it not, being within. 262. Purity of temper must be displayed, taut must be the heartstrings. You must smile. Steel is tested by fire, but strength of spirit grows thru the breath of life. Much must be endured ere passing over. 263. Amid destroyers, to show compassion, to conciliate and welcome strangers--this is hardship. Our messenger does wondrously. 264. In every circumstance is potential, but the mind must be light-oriented. 265. A burden is within us. A song frightens wolves. Intone a secret song, yield not to slumber.

266. Karma is but the condition of a choice. Only chosen ones are entrusted with a mission. Above the heads of chosen ones glows the sign of Fire. As when tree boughs are hewn down, the trunk gains strength, so abandoned habits purify spirit. By removing one purifies, by courage one asserts, by wisdom one finds. Hew down the beams and erect your dwelling. 268. After Origen the false religion of priestcraft again spread. 269. Learn the power of spirit, inexhaustible. As the whirlwind is but an impetus of the blast, as snow is but messenger of cold, as lightning but eye of storm, so the word is but dust from breathing creative mind. Understanding of potential and eternity fills any heart. Be ready, grant entree. 270. Not on floodtide nor ebbtide, but on the golden stream of Cosmos is borne the boat. Spread are the sails, destined the shore. I strengthen My Ray and wing your feet. O Thou lengthening my path, I find the lightning and thus cross the precipice! I enwrap in the whirlwind and leap upon the height! Where the dust of my path, the ravaging heat? Where the rain-torrent concealing the ascent? My feet are firm, Thy Ring safe upon my hand. Behold, Lord, my falcon approaches! 271. At New World gates crowds gather, perceiving not the portals. But easy are the steps of spirit. By a single wish are worldly desires surmounted. Blessed are you aspiring to Beauty. 272. All forces of Cosmos should be consecrated to blossoming of spirit. Relaxation renews the organism. Consciousness of purpose gives meaning to action. To learn all outpourings of nature and to realize them as Beauty give wings to mankind. Wings alone transport one to light. Each key pertains to its prison; yet it approaches when man will abhor the key. 273-4. Lassitude of body results from striving for excellence. Stretch your arm across the abyss. More abhorrent to spirit are the confines of room and rug. You perceive not the clouds as We do, let Us be Judge. 275. Erstwhile fragrance becomes stench, former song becomes repetitious noise, former protection becomes oven-door. In a small room upon a small rug one shed a snakeskin; what cannot be laved in mountain snow and sun-warmth? Fresh garb absorbs fresh wisdom; you evolve neath My Eye, yea, yea, yea. Observe all, exalt steadfastness. 276. The token of eternal life penetrates humblest mind. Growing concentration upon the Higher Life strengthens the seeker's consciousness. In everyday life search out Light's gleam. You plunge, soar and listen. But where is the pearl of your spirit? You have lost bearings--let tears bathe your vessel. 278. Our Call is plainer than a child's request. Accept the treasure preserved for you. A fool raises a poor harvest. Seek a physician. 280. Those trained in harmony's school recognize the heart's mandates. Our disciple determines each swordthrust in spirit alignment. Not repose but resourcefulness rules Our warriors. We summon to action--let the scoffer so discover. 281. Comprehend the cyclic rhythms shown to you--thus is revealed cosmic order. The Guardian Hand rests upon the spirit to pilot it over wave, season and element. Therefore must Our disciple hearken to the new breath daily. Not your keynote is foggy ignorance, grimacing discontent--leave these to the dark ones. My shield--refuge to the pure My arrows--wings to the faithful My sword--torch to the dauntless My smile--sealed bliss to the wise My heart--your abode Your temple--wondrous to Me Know to find Anthony and Ursula in life. 282. You shall learn of Our Aspirations upon the mountainpeak. We teach only those who knock. Firmly We reject traitors. Austerly speak of Us. 283. Be alert for the moment to listen. The ear turns in contempt from the earthly plane. Guard the children from routine; as fungus spreads upon housewalls, so rote must be destroyed. Beetle plagues swarm in the corners. Light shall prevail! 285. Hallow the sanctity of God's abode. Stifle cravings in order to face pristine awareness. 286-8. New ones come. Let him not approach for whom the probation seems too long. With Urusvati We pronounce the pristine Word. The ninth wave rises highest, past ebb and flow. Would that I could reveal the great battle afoot. 289. You who deny the gospel of hope, action and courage, who deem unbearable the term of learning, who pale before love's face startled at angelic wing, We need thee not! Underground money vaults have been filled to the brim. I will replace earth's gold with a new metal. 290. Regard the approaching days as the threshold of winter's act. Warriors have never been in such a fray. O thou keen blade, smiting hammer! I come, Master Builder, I come!

Leaves of Morya's Garden I, 1924--Excerpts: