16. Try to study the higher manifestations of value to mankind. The conceptions of man are created by mankind's energy use. 17. Thru teaching light comes to you. To teach and to love are God expressions. 18. Ascend by faith in the Blessed Ones and you do not err. I come to succor--are you blind? Love pure potential and so conquer. 19. Steep is the path to faith's abode. Turn your thought to creation's joy. Cast out trivial thought, be ready to receive Our vibrations. 20. Pure thoughts of the courageous spirit transform into realities life's phenomena. 21. Pure thoughts ever ascend. At Christ's feet they radiantly blossom. With pure blue flame the Calling Word glows, radiating the uplifted heart-chalice. Lord, drain our tears, make clear our heartflames. "By fire I dry your tears and upraise your heart-temples." Remove the covers of your hearth, the Lord comes! He transforms the treasure of the cup and returns the chalice afire. O flame two-tongued, assert thyself, thou double-pointed! How shall I fill Thy Cup, O Lord! 22. Love the manifestation of harmony. I send the blessed token of Gupta. Await and attune your ear; My lips would speak. 23. I AM the searing heat of sands, the heartflame, the engulfing wave; I AM the Earth regenerated. Rejoice, behold the Light. 24. Beseech Christ. 25-6. We lend Our ears to pure thoughts. Perfect yourselves, my friends, unwearyingly. Deny not the spiritual call, suppress only the earthbound voices. Be daring--I AM with you. Spurn cowardice--I shield the fearless one. 27. I bestow My Wisdom upon thee. No promise, I AM verily the Lightbearer. I proclaim love, My disciples realize bliss in Christ-love. 28. Love creates infinitely. Love and Wisdom are one. 29. I designate the path for the fight against worldly bargaining. Men have sunk into lethargy but lightning illumines the way. Go, teach, stretch forth the hand of aid! 30. Seek happiness, exalt the spirit. Faith in the inherent and the endeavor for truth create harmony. 31. I granted thee lovely joy for the world's Motherland; you will know the love for mankind. Stray not from ascent. 32. Thru joy purify the path. While being pupil, learn to overcome irritability. Belittle tenfold the signs of evil, behold clearly the good, lest you remain as before. 33. I strengthen your desire for perfection. Ramakrishna says, "Love, and all comes to you." 34. The Flamebearer brought to you the valorous sword. Understand that the path is marked for you; attain, walk your own way. 35. Harmonious potential cries victory to the pure spirits. By pure love I preserve compassion in my bleeding heart! Grant me, Lord, self-mastery! 36. I rejoice in the fiery spirit--temper yourself. Teeming with light is nature, God maintains His Mercy. My shield flames radiantly above you. 37. Love Me, for love multiplies strength. Love is My Shield. My Smile brings light to you. Cherish blissful communion. 38-9. By Us and you is the spiritual culture built. Thought is lightning. 40. Beware! Forget not to invoke the master. Potent conquering proves the strength of spirit. 41. The other realm of My days must kindle joy in yours. 43. You carry stones for the erection of My Temple. Teach others by My Word and wisdom will flourish. Wafting the fragrance from Tibetan peaks, We bring the message of fresh religion of pure spirit to mankind. It comes; and you, united here for the light, bear the precious stone. To you is revealed the wondrous creating of life's harmony. 44. Be alert--much time is spent. 45. Wondrous Beauty in the adornment of daily life exalts mankind. Teach the glory of divine union. I grant you the power and fleetness of Mercury. 46-7. Walk light of heart; rejoice more, walk the higher path. The surest knowledge is the heart's. 51. Beware venomous vibrations. Strive for the unfolding, succumb not to the spell of the present. Follow the simplest path ere you ascend the mountain. 52. As Ramakrishna taught, all life manifests the divine will. Your strength grows thru prana. 53. Repose your spirit--fatigue it not with books; love, surging torrent-like, reveals to you the splendor of M's flowers. 54. Exalt others, look forward. Endeavor to inspire others with the concept of the master. 56. My warriors, walk valiantly; the growth of spirit needs its impetus. 58. Know to attune your ear by quietude, by uplifting your spirit to the Almighty Eye of Cosmos. Strive for unity of spirit. By pure thoughts strengthen the harmony of your spirit, that the Blessed One may inspire you. Guard your aura's light. 59. The eagle is chilled before sunrise: yet fly toward happiness, My dear ones. 61. Open your heart thru benevolence. It is enough to know the path of spiritual realization--the rest comes. 63. Direct your forces toward the enlightenment of mankind. Love Me--bliss comes as the dawn. I shall transfix the wrongdoer! Carefully raise up the Temple treasure upon M's mountain. Try to understand Me. Be tranquil in your faith; I help the seekers.

Leaves of Morya's Garden I, 1924--Excerpts: