courtesy of Maitreya Samgha

181. He who sets a definite date sends forth a spatial command; agreement with this date completes the circuit. By this bridge approach boatloads of potential, strengthening and supplementing the original proposition. Splendid potential may crumbe away as sand. Guard the purity of space. Be responsible for co-measurement. So much potential is lost thru carelessness! Teach every child the significance of dates; otherwise one more generation of flabby and spineless ones will devour each other. 183. The Community is a hundred-eyed guard, the hurricane of the messenger, the banner of the conqueror. Only vigilance provides the rampart of the Community. As an ocean wave does Community advance. 184. It is valuable not only to strive forward but to destroy the rubbish behind one. Guard both My signs--community and service. 185. What is work? The answer is in the quality, not in volume and quantity. Only quality illumines and affirms. 186. Most effective defensive resources are in products of finer energy. By no means do We intend to present a spectacle of defenseless sheep! We must warn: Beware, ignorant one! At times in full consciousness take responsibility for a decisive order--intensify at that time all keensightedness in order to perceive clearly the target focus. Most ugly consequence derives from misdirected command. Long ago I said to the enemy "I receive into my shield all your arrows; I send you only one." Each community member must know battle technique. Distinguish pseudo-members and expel them beyond the wall! Only full consciousness, clear in daily vigilance, sincere in sleep, can present the countenance of true longing. Sincerity has the right to be armed. Unalterable command both engenders and smites. 187. How possibly feel utmost protection? Only by establishing the closest bond to the Guru; only in active cooperation and in reverence is concealed the best potential passage thru dangerous realms. Earthly ancestors and cosmic ancestors sometimes coincide. Learn to conceive the lofty concept of the Guru. Remember the link to the Guru, the silvery thread light as eagle's wing and the forward-looking eagle-eye. Building community helps to gather consciousness, not as caravan donkeys but as eagles. The Guru's hand summons to the community threshold; from the mountain We see where necessity's wheel flies. 188. Lay out the community following the landmarks of sacrifice. 189. He who does not await external aid knows the value of his own hammer. Whoever knows the path of unfoldment can carry his catch fearlessly. Broken loose and swept about like autumn leaves, many raise the dust from alien bazaars. A cloud of dust veils the community gates, and dusty thought turns all into rubbish. Teach children to fly high. Replace the legend of the ark with one of the air-ship. 190. Know a newcomer by the ancient Eastern method--by eyes, gait and voice. Words are not worth a nod of head. Flight reveals a species of bird. Keen-sightedness is the genesis of the eagle-eye. To foresee means to perceive the path of the world toward community. 191. By lack of patience, analysis is impossible. Lack of courageous steadfastness excludes control. Falsehood and hypocrisy do not admit cooperation. Fear beclouds any prognosis. Better to leave to cities the privilege of apishness. Rational means are found as community takes on consciousness, borrowing nothing from the monkeys. When the banner of the community is unfurled as necessary realization, then life becomes winged in daily action. As long as community is considered an experiment, it remains in an alchemist's jar; only firm realization of historic necessity brings community into life. The best joy emanates from austerity. 192-3. Essential analysis is at a standstill in the absence of observation. In the oasis of the vegetative state of usurpers lies a frightful irresponsibility, which in turn conceals ignorance and fear of the future. Large and small usurpers, you must learn to recognize the curative power of honey and of the ant's sweat. Destroy the worthless wherever it be concealed. Uncover ignorance under any mask whatever. The world is divided according to the quality of consciousness, and the degree of ignorance is the measuring rod. Indeed, ignorance is not cured by leafing thru books, but by forging wholeness. 194. The hand which knows its own work is not afraid to share it with others. Thru the equilibrium of uplifting work, one can apply self-control and can ask others attuned to show personally the better way. Authenticity creates power and fears not. Following authenticity one may be assured as to timeliness of decision and amplitude of means. Security may be verified, for the Community does not fear control. The needed solution comes not by falling into darkness but in the smile of unfoldingness regardless of appearances. In knowing is the end of fear. 196. The smile of knowledge breaks open the floodgate of deliberate obstruction. The builder cannot afford fantasies about the ground under the building. Precisely matter manifests victory thru wise freedom. Hasten to discard the worn-out! 197-8. Considering the most recent community, no one has fallen back, yet the general results are weak. Cooperation by spurts hinders understanding of co-measurement. Attracting newcomers is in poor shape. One may open to those who knock but the spirit's sword must be kept ever sharp. Work more compactly, otherwise you postpone dates. We are primarily concerned with the creation of favorable conditions for the accumulation of finer energies. Joyful realization must become the prerogative of the New World. 199. The entire attraction of objects is drowned in the Community's current of aspiration. Pillars of basalt do not evoke past events but by their stability affirm their fitness for the future. Among aeroliths there is one metal which possesses the quality of condensing electrical energy. Better paucity in number than falsehood in the name of world evolution. 200. Community/cooperation is the sole rational means of widescale living. Solitude is the solution outside community. All intermediate manifestations are varieties of compromise and will dissolve. People speak of inherited theocratic power but who will define the degree Theos? Only conscious cooperation affirms biologic evolution. Needed is clarity of construction, dislike of conventionalities, and faith in children as symbol of man's progression. Let us shift consciousness to the betterment of all life, and the struggle for existence will be replaced by the conquering of potential. 201. Even when consciousness is being notably deepened, there can be difficult hours. From the depths of former experiences Maya evokes a fine thread of waverings, covers reality with evidences and sweeps away the furrow of attainments. Say with full authority, "Maya begone!" 202. Often community is accused of doing violence to individual freedom. This is applicable to any compromise state but not to community. In conscious community there is a place for every labor. The worker understands the significance of the problem of introducing his vision of the task without disturbing the general rhythm complex. Necessary is both desire to accomplish and open-mindedness thru which each task becomes attractive. 204. We ever abstain from mad expenditure of energy, for We know thru experience how precious is an arrow of energy. 205. Not needed by Us are well-meaning Nicodemuses who come by night and keep silent by day in the Sanhedrin. Each must guard the secret entrusted to him yet have ready a word about Us. Firm words can stun the adversaries. To false accusation say: Since the Guru exists, why not make use of His wise counsels? You make no use of them for you know not how to receive them. Hasten to become aware of the mahatmas not in history but in life; meanwhile keep your ignorance to yourselves. The inquiring mind, wanting reality in the setting of cosmic law, understands that the pearl is invisible in the depths and that layers of air can conceal a flock of eagles. Ignorance works as "This is my own pigpen and therefore everything outside of it is not necessary and even pernicious. This is apparent to me and so nothing else exists." 207-8. Do not encourage cosmologic discussions until the consciousness is affirmed. From the first year do not let slow pace be a handicap for rapid pace. Let the teacher keenly discern those able to proceed swiftly. One should clear the path for them. Do not conceal difficulty from them. Each inflexible program is intolerable under the sun of knowledge. Fanaticism and forbiddances are replaceable by potential. Slander is a devourer of fuel and from the standpoint of goalfitness must be destroyed. 209. Each one of you is obliged to teach those who come to you. First ask what has drawn him to you. Be not afraid to appear stern; certainly far worse are soft, rumpled cushions. Sternness will produce roots and if there be an indication of intensity, then will be created the manifest bridge. Reality prepares the path in a lightning-flash. 210-1. Each construction must be commensurate with the conditions of the evolutionary step. He can come to Us if he finds the way of harmonious ordered striving. Only thru action and resoluteness, producing gratitude, is it possible to approach the heart of Community. Teach the seizing of opportunity. One who neglects thru immobility is left to his own devices. Reveal Community as a seething source of potential! 212. If mankind had considered more often cooperation, it would have long ago entered into universal awareness of the common good. 213. A great deal must be removed from the path. One should not consider oneself victim of the general senselessness. Better to consider the renewing potential, to examine the quality of each self-action, to exert initiative. 214. The path of the new conqueror is illumined not by red-glowing fires but by sparks of re-attracted, re-aligned energies. We commend resolute prudence and deplore the luxury of destruction. 215. Saturating light restores: it is necessary to build so that all the past converts to unfoldment. The thread of awareness remains inviolate. Containment of unifying capacity makes man a creator. The Guru is the natural leader. In Buddhic covenant the links of Guru are especially reverenced as applied to the future. 216. Beware those who have no time. Whoever is not grudging in his work receives bounteously. Can anything replace the joy of growing aware? 218. When the beast, as is said, in man rears up, precisely then begins a campaign against enlightenment and cooperation. Such egoism returns to the animal state, concurrently losing the animal group ethic. There are to be found conquerers of the beastial, but seek them without old formulas. Men with tails and centaurs do not enter evolution. Shatter that form; needed is active realization of oneness. 219. The greater the compulsion, the greater the reaction thereto. Thought can be focused only by finer energy. 220. I advise you to screen for community members by first proposing to rest, not work. You may inquire whether the services of the newcomer are recognized by mankind. Each glad not to work and each complainer is no coworker. You may ask whether he is responsible for the past or only others are. Note, left alone, whether he moves objects about at your site. A coworker imposes not responsibility for his past on others. One who disturbs processes unknown to him is unreliable. Look especially sharply after the silent ones. For those ready point out firstly the recognition of finer energy. One can cultivate and increase only that recognized. 221. The great Aum may be regarded as a physical organ for it is subject to changes. Perception of this all-connecting organ must fill each community member with joy. Such cooperation permits universal awareness and then potential to master finer energy. Affirmation assists the desire to actualize Aum. Thru responsible realization the desire leads to discovery of the master. The entire process lies in the quality and breadth of awareness. The nearest correlate of finer energy is action. 222. First you must test your resourcefulness and adaptability in the most diverse conditions. One requires a thousand eyes! 224. Manifest sparks of Aum direct the life current, forming evolutionary nodes, thru which goes the World Mother's thread in eternal action. Color and sound are Community's ambrosia. You, people of the West, have the right to make from the lengthy only the beautiful.

Community 1926: