courtesy of Maitreya Samgha

III, vi. 1. He who had dedicated himself to a hencoop receives results in eggs. He who dedicates himself to a part of the world vibrates with the soil. A man depressed by resentment is attracted to a single point. Becoming immobile, the man inevitably becomes dull. Everything vibrates, undulates, breathes amidst lightning flashes. In the days of great constructions do not tolerate a rusty anchor. 2. Hothouse conditions are the same everywhere and are not suitable for evolution. The firmness and purport of the aura grow only from within. The generosoity of the hand does not depend upon the quantity it gives. Why have all Teachings been engendered in Asia? What magnets collect there the progressive energy? Does not utmost antiquity respond to the wings? 3. Like arrows the sendings of community plunge into mankind's brains. Once the principle of the common good has been inculcated in mankind, then by carrying it further a community strong thru experience is secured. Only the blind do not notice whither the spiral of evolution has turned! 4. Communities established by Us have an influence upon world evolution. Unconscious communities work out a mutually acceptable way of coexistence. A consciousness of the plan of earthly evolution marks some circles--certain political, occult and learned groups. A third kind of community knows not only evolutionary design but dates and the action necesssary. He who has come in close touch with Us learns silence. Verily the Kali Yuga terminates with the proclaiming of community! Sergius hewed it out with his axe. Boehme worked on it with his boot hammer. Buddha built it with his hands. Christ prepared a bridge to it. Beautiful and non-recurrent is the time of alchemy after a long grievous era! 5. One does not have to be a wizard to imagine how some attempt to bar the path. These enemies are not yours but Ours; they are enemies of enlightenment, inevitable and persistent. We advise you to take things as they are and be unafraid of an excessive burden. 6. From rivalry there gradually arises the viper of envy, in the same nest are falsehood and hypocrisy. The time is at hand when My Teaching not easily reaches communities in various countries. Before proceeding to the third book, one needs to assimilate and put in practise this one. Few took book one as an urgent call to world evolution. In this book one may find features of the desired labor. 7. The fragments and dusty husks of the past fill space too much. Attracted by magnetic thought, they weave unclean phantoms difficult to drive away. Expelled from one corner they camp in another, until they are again reduced to dust by a conscious stroke of will. It is more pertinent to consider the unfoldment in recourse to solar prana. This magnetizes cosmic influences beneficial to advancements. When you come together it is essential to send thought to life's unfoldment; assemblies purify thereby. 8. If self-love appears in community, then the community is turning into a zoological garden. If My Teaching is not applied in community, it means someone there masks himself. If there appears a vehement comparison of self-merit twixt community members, this leads to horrible defeat. But the tempo and saturation of rhythm can coalesce with cosmic tension. 9. In ancient mysteries: "Labor in the wave of sublime nature; work with the heartbeat of the World Mother." Before great attainments Gautama Buddha advised not repose but labor in saturated rhythm. Remember that after solitary work it is necessary to pass to the organization of far more complex units. An old saying, "Be cautious of the crowd." Equally old, "The crowd must be taught to work in spirit." The external labor aspects may be very diverse but let rhythm be sensed and then the work takes on a completely different quality. Mechanical mothers and fathers know only how to chirp "Do as everyone else does!" Teach children to build their own realm. 11. Proceed along the line of the ray. The irresistible impact of one's physical momentum is indispensable for the creation of the rhythm of ascent. 12. A good horseman likes to practise upon untrained horses and prefers obstacles of rough ground and ditches to a level roadway. Every impediment must be treated as potential. Disconcertion always emanates from fear. Blessed be the obstacles, thru them we grow! 13. Animals too must work, they must win the right to life. One cannot but love everything vitally laboring. 14. Beautiful and brilliant achievement promotes the regeneration of the subtle body of memory. Gangrene of spirit is removed only by shock. The blow's spark gives birth to achievement. 15. What external condition is necessary for quality labor? Light. The different plasms in organisms are intermediaries twixt the visible and invisible. Photoplasm, being an emanation of the nervous system, forms a pollen absorbing lightrays and conveying them into channels. 15. Only light makes labor productive and useful. Do not shut out the morning light. Even the best bluest electricity yields 8000 times less light than a sunbeam. Not only the problem of spaciousness of workrooms but also of proper access for light must be studied. 16. It is quite impossible to explain to the average man that higher quality aspires on into infinity. Precisely in the endlessness of higher tension lies awakenings. What teaching leads swiftly to the broadening of consciousness? It is necessary to admit people completely individually to this meadow. The sluggish, conceited and raging with suspicion and doubt do not find nourishment. Let people learn in spiritual tension, open-eyed, absolutely endlessly. 17. You who wish to follow Us, walk as fully and luminously imbued as irresistible life itself; love every expansion of consciousness, this being the primary path. 18. Astral guests crowd into the midst of life without attention paid to them. Especially dangerous are educators of children who come in with most horrible companions. Do things for yourself and you may be sure of the emanation quality. 19. Spiritual growth does not tolerate compulsion. This explains the slow evolution of man. The paths of individual growth of spirit are flooded with light. Every oceandrop produces its own rainbow--how beauteous is radiant Cosmos! Therefore one must give replies carefully for the individual spirit. 20. We appreciate orderly sequence of actions. Friends, preserve a pure channel of receptivity, for in this furnace pure thoughts are forged. Look upon pure thoughts as the fare of your workdays. 21. He who performs the most wearisome labor most joyously is the resolute victor for he overcomes boredom. Of course every path has difficult tests. Learn to think and distinguish the moment of real difficulty. Expanded awareness affirms spirit-knowledge, leading to Our Community. If you wish to manifest Our Community, you must first manifest your own community. We will help you. Learn to apply best effort and in this accept Our greetings.

Welcome to the devotees of common good.

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