courtesy of Maitreya Samgha

II, viii. 4. If you notice a long conversation about an empty shell, arrest the attention of the speaker upon the impracticality of nought. 6. Acceleration, as well as retardation, proceeds in waves. So, perceiving a wave of acceleration, one must succeed in casting into it as many seeds as possible. Circles of keen sight proceed centrifugally, circles of receptivity proceed centripetally. From symbols and dim outlines they advance spirally to clarity. The all-existing resounds in boundlessness and non-recurrence. As a bird flutters and then flies, so does a word gush from Our Furnace, afterwards it can be confirmed. 11. After Atlantis the World Mother veiled Her Face and forbade the pronouncement of Her Name until the hour of the constellations should strike. One may cite many examples when even high Magi desired to find support in the depths of matter. Such perversion can arrest for a long time the communion. 12. The Mother is Beauty, the world is self-sacrifice; the bridge onward and transcendence rest upon these two. 14. Healer, tell the ailing ones that the use of narcotics takes away three-quarters of their vitality. 15. The higher the plane, the more unity. 16. It is important to dissolve the atmosphere of the lower strata so that it will not press upon the Earth. Cooperation from above and below gives speediest results.

II, ix. 1. It would be stupid and crude to try to transmit by rough words the Light of knowledge. Our experiments and flights bring insight. 2. The potentiality of the elements is such that it is always ready to respond to nerve reflexion and thus to doubly reinforce Our sending in a definite direction. People at present work so zealously in the mines of evil that it is inadvisable to give them access to close possibilities. The collision of the two Principles is unavoidable, the sooner the better. 3. The spirits of the elements strive toward union with man. The domain of the elements is very beautiful. 4. Precisely the beauty of Cosmos brings selflessness closer into consciousness. The feeling of cosmic loneliness is but the realization of direct paths. 5. From anciently people have been advised at turmoil's hour to repeat a short invocation and by rhythmic current to repulse the wave of influences. Later, these measures deteriorated into senseless repetition of religious words. During more enlightened periods the chosen words were Adonai, Ishtar, Alleluia, Aum. Also, the repetition of the alphabet or figures was in use. Actually the power is not in the words themselves but in the creation of waves. But habits are like numbness, under which even a potent remedy ceases to generate. When a poisonous breath is about to touch one, it is best to exhale. Likewise, one creates by willpower a protecting veil. Mankind is in need of new ways. The wise one feels cold upon the blasted earth. 6. I have said, and I will say, Help build My Country. Remember this amid cold and hardship. There will be sharp precipices crossable only in the name of the Guru. They will say "It is warm by the fire." Answer, "I hasten into the cold." They'll say "Close the eyes." You answer "Forbidden on watch." At the moment of your weariness remember Our request, for the Plan is as beautiful as the radiance of elements. 7. Essential unmanifested spirit permeates space. Like an arrow, consciousness of manifest spirit pierces elementary substance, like a magnet it gathers in molten fashion. Mediocre consciousness begets easily extinguishable sparks, consciousness of growing potential can create greatness. We urge mankind to do better and not besmirch the beautiful Lightwaves. I feel that the Teaching of pure thought penetrates people's consciousness. 8. Do not write laws upon a dead parchment which may be carried off by the first thief. Bear the laws in spirit and the breath of Benevolence will carry before you the Wheel of the Law, illuming your path. 9. My Ray manifests the sign of spirit and presages fierce battle. One can conceive the unfolding as spirit's destiny. Years fly, carrying to spirit a foothold. 10. Place four stones into the foundation of your actions: reverence for Hierarchy, realization of unity, realization of co-measurement and application of the principle "By thy God." There four are symbolized in order by a dove, a warrior, a pillar, the sun. 12. Prayer for spiritual communion is highest expression, but mental refinement and spiritual strength are prerequisites. The knowledge of communion is dangerous and can involve the weakening of the organism, as by narcotics. 13. Many beginners consider the path of an adept like galley slavery. The despair of spiritual emptiness before anointing was well known to initates of Isis' mysteries.

II, x. 1. On certain steps of evolution a clean place is indispensable. Our Ashrams are distinguished by cleanliness. Many of Us with special sensitivity cannot endure the emanations of the world. 2. Let the best warriors of the Holy Grail assemble for achievement. Above all joys is the smile of achievement. The Guru goes beside you, in battle supporting your arm, in council indicating the solution. Joyously accept the austerity of achievement. 4. Man will be in tremor as above him the sword is raised and a voice rings forth, "Awaken!" Austere is Our style, the barriers of the world are being destroyed. By fire I manifest My envoys because I Myself lead. 5. The hammer is raised; terrible is the dance of shadows who have forgotten spirit. 6. Scholarly statements are not so simple in practise--only an especially enlightened mind penetrates the design of man's evolution. 7. In himself Origen atoned for the tempest of Christianity in early days. With his unusual clarity and simplicity of spiritual cognition, he was indignant at the decline of knowledge in the priesthood. 8. I repeat that the world's light-mindedness is criminal. Tongues of flame denote approaching storm of spirit, but people are unwilling to understand Our signal. 10. It is astounding how ruinous the world is! From pure clean places new life appears: nomads and ploughmen, orphans and vagabonds, monks and convicts, scientists and singers--an original legion with spiritual quickness. Judge according to the eyes. 11. Imagine yourself as a fine needle--unusual sensitivity vibrant to all changes in the surroundings. Even thought registers. For precision work constancy amid surroundings is required, created by a predominant current. If currents are not harmonized, often the appratus stops functioning.

II, xi. 1. Lack of compassion makes a man unfit for achievement as such lack courage. 2. The play of Cosmos is like the flashing of a many-faceted crystal. 3. One must know how to lead! 4. Discipline is the beginning of everything. Austerely did Gautama instruct his disciples: "Truth is the sole source of courage." Devachan, blissfulness, is like a reservoir of forces. But many souls have a large store of strength and do not need it. Pride in the spirit is a step toward achievement. If all men would be fully attained ones, the harm would be halved.

III, i. 1. Of course one's own canoe, though full of holes, is better than another's ship. We value sailing only in one's own boat. 2-3. Certainly life is beautiful. The caste system has hindered culture. Indeed, Lord Buddha wished to abolish this caste foolishness. His Teaching teemed with joy. His essential imparting was knowledge and personal achievement. Therefore His symbol was the lion; We call Him king of thought. 4. On the eve of battle quietly make ready your weapons. Now We pass silently at dawn, bypassing shouts and salutes, for now is the time of achievement. We suffocate from people's worship. Benevolence and austerity are one and the same. Though the dove has been Our symbol, the chalice of achievement symbolizes the present era. 6. Our decree is that you take on your shoulders the attestation of My Advent. 7. Great joy unto those who know to save a draught from the Source. He with patience may lay the foundations of unfoldment. Sitting silently the bond strengthens. 8. The main error is that the challenges and demands of life are not generally formulated; sharpen thought like a sword. What is lost is not repeated. To each is assigned his sacrifice. The symbol of open eyes is crucial. 9. Help build My Country. Why make lentil stew out of amrita, the essence? Reinforce yourself hourly with "Nothing hinders my course to the Guru. I have a thousand eyes, my strength grows thru plasticity." Plasticity and resourcefulness are inseparable. 10. It is time to put aside conventional formulae. It is ripe to declare to Light: "I come as thy helper, to the sun itself I stretch my hand. Via the intact silver thread of energy, the stars are my armor." Simple the way ordained to man. The idolatry of symbols finally is erased by the ray of light. The covenant of simplicity makes all one.

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