Book of Sacrifice

353. Shall I speak of power when all folly, ignorance and vanity strive for power? But I attest, Our Power is different. Our Power is sacrifice. Only listen and remember; chiefly read and repeat. 355. The mind's resolution erects the steps of the temple of One Truth. 356. People will acquire that simple truth which transforms life into wonder. It is necessary to apportion forces. Regard not lightly the disturbance of the world. 353. When Tibet's spiritual teacher, A-lal Ming, was striving towards the mountains where first the Lord appeared to him, he still remained in the valley and accepted the chalice task. Book of Joy 357. Can the tree stand firmly? Yea, yea, yea, as the roots are deep buried and unseen. Where is the worthy vestment to cover the nakedness and shadow of our bodies? Throughout the universe pulsates the raiment of potentiality. They rend the Lord's raiment, scoffing at its tatters. But the feminine joins the raiment pieces. Where is compassion, devotion, love, if your shoulders are not bedecked with the World Mother's raiment? Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice! I AM sending joy, benevolence, truth--in this is everything. 359. The first requirement now is to bring the spirit into life, and the fragments of ages will fall into place. Understanding of the beauteous will flash out in simplicity. In new flight will the spirit encircle the world. Book of Prayer 360. Father, wither my hand if it be raised to unworthy deed, turn to ashes my brain if recoiling in treachery, demolish my being if turned to evil! My son, the seed of great silence leads to knowing great service. In silent beginnings you are approached by the messenger of Command. (end of trilogy)

Maitreya Fire #1: