280. Those trained in harmony's school recognize the heart's mandates. Our disciple determines each sword-thrust in spirit alignmnet. Not repose but resourcefulness rules Our warriors. We summon to action--let the scoffer so discover. 281. Comprehend the cyclic rhythms shown to you--thus is revealed cosmic order. The Guardian Hand rests upon the spirit to pilot it over wave, season and element. Therefore must Our disciple hearken to the new breath daily. Not your keynote is foggy ignorance, grimacing discontent--leave these to the dark ones. My shield--refuge to the pure/ My arrows--wings to the faithful/ My sword--torch to the dauntless/ My smile--sealed bliss to the wise/ My heart--your Abode/ Your temple--wondrous to Me Know to find Anthony and Ursula in life. 282. You shall learn of Our Aspirations upon the mountain peak. We teach only those who knock. Firmly We reject traitors. Austerely speak of Us. 283. Be alert for the moment to listen. The ear turns in contempt from the earthly plane. Guard the children from routine; as fungus spreads upon housewalls, so rote must be destroyed. Beetle plagues swarm in the corners. Light shall prevail! 285. Hallow the sanctity of God's abode. Stifle cravings in order to face pristine awareness. 286-8. New ones come. Let him not approach for whom the probation seems too long. With Urusvati We pronounce the pristine Word. The ninth wave rises highest, past ebb and flow. Would that I could reveal the great battle afoot. 289. You who deny the gospel of hope, action and courage, who deem unbearable the term of learning, who pale before love's face startled at angelic wing, I need thee not! Underground money-vaults have been filled to the brim. I will replace earth's gold with a new metal. 290. Regard the approaching days as the threshold of winter's act. Warriors have never been in such a fray. O thou keen blade, smiting hammer! I come, Master Builder, I come! 293. Is justice difficult? A child measures justice better than a judge. Know to judge in the open beneath the stars. To find the light of the sealed eye is granted to each. Wash off dusty habit. 294. Glorious is it to admire sunrise from the terraced garden. And thriftily sell We the house--the Word from the heart and beauteous action. Understand your profit. 295. Creator, let my spirit revive when the storm abates. 297. Easily, lightly, upwards and verily unnoticed, you bear up life's burden, as pollen by flower. Beware lest you emulate Icarus. 299. On the banner is inscribed: Love, the Conqueror. 300. Unto Us the bridge is spirit. But this bridge can be razed within a moment. And the remaining abyss not all creation's rocks can fill. Therefore, guard the flower of Adamant. If the Creator has granted you the strength of this bridge unto Us, go nurture the flame. Say to passers-by: "We know whither we are bound." 303. Lay your heart upon the threshold of the morning ray and I will shield you. I rejoice in protecting the treasure. 304. We award tribute according to labor and merit. The tree of union will flourish. 305. A false prophet leads to a lie, a lie is consummated in evil. Thus one perceives the dragon's trail. 306. The harvest must be gathered by a scythe. Pure grain must be fanned by the breath, the chaff discarded. Thus We choose the unfolding banner. Aum svaha! 307-8. More impregnable than the walls of Jericho are the structures of triviality. I Myself will write finis to it when I deem the ripeness. 309. Amidst fetters, slaughter, silence, revolt, amidst those afar and near, remember Me. Be not afraid of the tide. 310. If the lighthouse be a constant beacon of safety for travelers, the more must My warriors be ever aflame with salvation's fire. Action's fire kindles other fire. 312. Dissipate not your force in spirit languor. 314. Let a man forget his faults, let him strive on the path to greater silence and bliss. 315-6. Not in dreams or desire but in unity of spirit. Behold! 317. At My gates I place you and in My Name proclaim ye. My Word be with you. 318. Twilight must not exist for you. Our Ray shines, in the silence of the ocean you shall seek Us. 321. Delay not in the search for truth; great sages have realized by intense search. If in a weak moment you totter on your way, stretch out your hand, help will come. 322. Remember, the spirit like flame kindles anew, attracting like a powerful magnet. One should have an open way. Approach, those craving joy, the day of joy is at hand. Aum svaha! 323. The Teacher is with you, you must be in harmony with yours. Harmony, harmony, harmony. Forget worldly pride, be receptive to potentiality. Behold! 324. In compassion is hid the great pearly inner knowing. All bodhisattvas and sacrificing ones strove this way. A coarse garment can be more precious than royal purple. 326. You must remember the spark of Our Power. So easy is it to extinguish Our spark. 327. Remember the dawn's vigor. Where abides the Lord, there is nor light nor dark, all is one. Mystery of mysteries, Holy of holies, remaining pure. 328. Soar with thought; fly by affirmation, by love. 329. Be grateful to the Giver of Treasures. The master awaits you within His House. Partake not of the choice food of the Lord's table; hearken. 330. Traveler, you must renounce all possessions that impede you. 331. Expect Our Help each moment. Know that no reward must be expected. Partake of that only which is bestowed to benefit your labor. Children, the greatest joy is near; I Myself so attest and affirm. 332. When thru your transitory bodies shines the spirit splendor, are you not filled with strength and joy? Then your ear discerns the rustle of My step. 333. Direct your eye like a falcon into the distance. Thru Beauty you approach. Understand, there are no possessions, only Beauty alone. Guard, expound, affirm this Beauty--therein the way. 334. The milky way of happiness binds all worlds. My son, the caress is part of Truth. Blessed be you if, in laying the temple stones, you cement them with delight. Joy to the worlds! Aum svaha. 335. Along the way a Stranger walked. 337. The words which unlock are clear, but few know how to apply them. 338. The accepted one is acquited. You have found better doors and approached, seeing the endlessness of your flight from Me. Take your chalice and work. 340. Only creative effort leads to conquest. 342. To say to Thee "I love Thee, My Lord" is my only prayer. Thou art my nurture. 345-6. The disciple bears the burden of the focus. Thus in the icy solitude he awaits. He knows his time arrives. The knocking ones, the menacing and oppressive ones, they must come; he must meet them. But the ordeal is not without end. Search not for evening at noon. 348. In the sea depths is salt, but only the work of the currents makes it known. Happy singers, sing out for the glory of the Creator's Smile! 350. The best endeavors are nurtured by Us like seeds. Fear not the scum of life; the spirit knows where beauty is. 351. The people will uphold the icon. I go thru the desert. I AM carrying the chalice covered by a shield. Nor rivalry nor self-seeking is there where the beauteous power transmits. Screen the chalice. 352. Nothing must be left neglected.