114. Be vigilant. My ring seals the happiness of those who spread My Teaching. 116. Men are obdurate on the path to Light. Darkness is more pleasing to moles' eyes, but love and knowledge conquer all. Smile at the difficulties upon your path. I attest, you may conquer! 117. My children, you are unaware of the battle raging round about. But fear not, o heart, you will conquer. 118. Inscrutable are God's ways in infinite means to exalt the spirit, and a grassblade may transmit the table of Commandments. The pure service flourishes if its roots be deep buried. The approaching ones will bear My Banner in their hearts. Fear not the spear, dread not the scorpion, the venom will not penetrate your bodies. I AM the morning flute calling the flock I AM the Springwaters refreshing the lip of the sorrowful I AM the Mighty Pillar of the Temple Approach, ye vigilant! 119. You must understand the obstacles of ignorance. Seldom does the preoccupied one perceive the unfolding. 120. Before the Deluge, when men were wedding, feasting and bargaining, Noah was already selecting the most stalwart oaks for his ark. 121-2. Accept stern lessons with a smile. My children, these hazardous days will pass and you will safely enter the New World by the appointed path. 123. Let us seek the worthiest attire for the Feast of Light. O Thou Benevolence, O Thou sufferer of the Cross, Thou attests the fire of our resurrection there at the foot of the ladder leading to the Temple of glory. 124. Your happiness lies in understanding the pristine energy at the root of Cosmos. Let others count the leaves of mango, eat the fruit. Guard the root and fruit, give others the leaves, they are renewed each year. 125. Never has hatred been more rampant, but the hour has struck! Hostile forces strive to defy destiny. The doomed drive hard the chosen, whom We must defend. Fate can be lightened and the battle brought the sooner to its end. 126. Remember the obstacles at the beginning of every great task. The times are bitter; all will be well. 128-9. The heart is aware of the mind's phantoms, but it knows the truth. Far from tilled is the eternal field. 131. As often as karma permits, My Hand removes the dangers from your path. 132. For the sake of My Cause, you may insist, but without anger, generating creative benevolence. Wrath begets wrath, but My children can extinguish the red flame by the blue ray. 137. My Hands are full of bounties, but the opponents must be stopped. 138. Realize the healing power of prana. The torpor of life is dispelled in the pure rays of sunset. Be calm, assert your wisdom. M knows how wracked is your spirit by hovering shadows, but those who come to scoff shall pray. 139. Imagination cannot compare with life. 142. I will grant you power to see and hear. The first essentials are purity of air and calm spirit. 143. The knots of life are easily untied. 144. Let the happy hunter face his enraged tormentors with courage. 145. On pure soil you begin My Impartations. I point the hour of each fresh cycle. Need shall not affront you. We have determined to reveal the ways of enlightening cruel hearts--to soften them by Beauty's balm. But the iron of the dark spirit is colder and harder than waves of bliss. Only with great travail does Truth's Hand bend the prison bars. 146. The tide is rising. I send Blessings. 147. Blessed are those who comprehend the signs of potential and its ever-changing pattern. By love one learns the shapes of life's fresh designs. 148. The weak are terrified by growls, the strong laugh at the sight of teeth. 149. We shall exert Our Existence. We shall unfold the pure teachings of life's happy journey. Be benevolent not by impulse but by constant striving. 151. Messages come more readily thru dry channels. Smile--tears interrupt the current. Only certain glands are used, these as long as they are not irritated. 152. Amidst the unfathomable tumult We erect Our Temple. We labor on, each stone pain-drenched. Be not afraid of the holy bliss of solitude; thru love let it enlighten you. The Lips that have created can forbid. The Light is given--there is danger in retreat, We need not the weakminded. 153. Smile--I grant you the joy of spreading Christ Teaching, the joy of conceiving cosmic Magnificence, the joy of manifested labor, the joy of resignation. 154. My Shield hold. In each pure thought is God's glory. 156. The pure offering is returned by spirit to those who in pure faith offered Isaac upon the altar; and Mt. Moriah, accepting the offering, guards the heart treasure. In the keeping of My Covenant you find protection. Be tranquil in the light of Truth. The mountain before you is not a trial but verily a mission. 157. Between the paths of sun and moon one must choose. 158. Seek not for waters in the sand. Ice is not found amid sultriness. Steepest paths lead to the mountains. 159. Repose in My constant guidance and love for you. Thru cumulative labor of centuries you have built your happiness. 160. Under My Banners I assemble new men. Dedicate yourselves to the task of gathering the people and erecting My Temple cooperatively. 162. M teaches you to beseech the Holy Brothers to reveal the steps of the mountain path. 163. Be as the sun-ray, the birdsong. 164. Falter not in pure striving, weaken not nor tarry in your strife. 165. For powerful visions is needed an electrically-charged atmosphere and consciousness in repose. 166-7. My Hand scatters the clouds. Read Origen. 168. Your earthly support is not strong, but under the shelter of Invisible Allies you conquer. 169. M's temple summons the noblest of the builders. Dark are those who have missed the early light. Each man is creator of his destiny. 170. Expose vulgar acts; M fights; Mercy's hand strikes. 172. Useless is the leader unwise in battle. Directing your steps toward the heights, I am arming you for life's challenges. Avoid the sluggards, helpers come in growing numbers. Even a beggar's joy is great at sight of the sun. I AM with you. 173. Understand, there is no progress with slumberers. If man's touch has significance, how much greater Our Contact. Often a wooden image is more cherished than one gilded. It takes cycling for a pure teaching to make its impress.