31. I granted thee lovely joy for the world's Motherland; you will know the love for mankind. Stray not from ascent. 32. Thru joy purify the path. While being pupil, learn to overcome irritability. Belittle tenfold the signs of evil, behold clearly the good, lest you remain as before. 33. I strengthen your desire for perfection. Ramakrishna says, "Love, and all comes to you." 34. The Flamebearer brought to you the valorous sword. Understand that the path is marked for you; attain, walk your own way. 35. Harmonious potential cries victory to the pure spirits. By pure love I preserve compassion in my bleeding heart! Grant me, Lord, self-mastery! 36. I rejoice in the fiery spirit--temper yourself. Teeming with light is nature, God maintains His Mercy. My Shield flames radiantly above you. 37. Love Me, for love multiplies strength. Love is My Shield. My Smile brings light to you. Cherish blissful communion. 38-9. By Us and you is the spiritual culture built. Thought is lightning. 40. Beware! Forget not to invoke the master. Potent conquering proves the strength of spirit. 41. The other realm of My days must kindle joy in yours. 43. You carry stones for the erection of My Temple. Teach others by My Word and wisdom will flourish. Wafting the fragrance from Tibetan peaks, We bring the message of fresh religion of pure spirit to mankind. It comes; and you, united here for the light, bear the precious stone. To you is revealed the wondrous creating of life's harmony. 44. Be alert--much time is spent. 45. Wondrous Beauty in the adornment of daily life exalts mankind. Teach the glory of divine union. I grant you the power and fleetness of Mercury. 46-7. Walk light of heart; rejoice more, walk the higher path. The surest knowledge is the heart's. 51. Beware venomous vibrations. Strive for the unfolding, succumb not to the spell of the present. Follow the simplest path ere you ascend the mountain. 52. As Ramakrishna taught, all life manifests the divine will. Your strength grows thru prana. 53. Repose your spirit--fatigue it not with books; love, surging torrent-like, reveals to you the splendor of M's flowers. 54. Exalt others, look forward. endeavor to inspire others with the concept of the master. 56. My warriors, walk valiantly; the growth of spirit needs its impetus. 58. Know to attune your ear by quietude, by uplifting your spirit to the Almighty Eye of Cosmos. Strive for unity of spirit. By pure thoughts strengthen the harmony of your spirit, that the Blessed One may inspire you. Guard your aura's light. 59. The eagle is chilled before sunrise: yet fly toward happiness, My dear ones. 61. Open your heart thru benevolence. It is enough to know the path of spiritual realization--the rest comes. 63. Direct your forces toward the enlightenment of mankind. Love Me--bliss comes as the dawn. I shall transfix the wrongdoer! Carefully raise up the Temple treasure upon M's mountain. Try to understand Me. Be tranquil in your faith; I help the seekers. 65. Be an Aeolian harp to M's breath. 66. Only later will you realize how gently and lovingly I strive to shorten your journey in the assigned sphere of action. 67. I will grant you the power to lead men's spirits to God. 69. My work permits not frailty; what is sent by Me, take without hesitance. 70. Do not shun friends. In My Name you can enlighten them. Sow the wisdom sent unto you. 71. Expound My Words--I send listeners. Know that by the shortest path I lead you toward knowledge, labor and bliss. I pass among them and they regard Me not. 72. Christ's spirit breathes across the desert of life. Like a spring It wears Its way thru solid rock. In the milky firmament It radiates myriad light; It rises up in flower stem. 73. Erect Thy Altar, O Lord, in our garden. 75. Be strong--your illusions destroy your health, but if you have faith in Me, know you are guarded by M's care and shield. A steep ascent is always difficult. Transcending fate requires fortitude. 78. Naught occurs by accident. 82-3. Your destiny is to bring the inextinguishable Light to ardent hearts. Easy is destruction, but you must build wisely. Know to spread happiness--condemn not. 86-8. True calmness of spirit is tested by daily life's trifles. Know to defend M as I defend you. Realize the ties that bind you to your Guide and naught unworthy will approach you. Love! Discern! Strike evil! My blessings be with you. 91. Sharpen your arrows of energy to one point. One can conceive an electric spark. 92. In the universe all things are but reflection of the divine, in a spark of light the divine plays. Light unto you! 93. Suppress the imperfections of your spirit, and ascend with the sense of spiritual freedom. Be firm in your assertion of inherent joy, and the thread of the path will not break. 95. The needed strength to follow Me is bestowed upon you. Fight in My Name and love will dwell with you. The promise is fulfilled in its cycle. Keep your flame vibrant--I teach. 96. Behold the song celestial. The Teacher is with you every moment of your creative labor. Realize and demonstrate. 97. The spiritual dynamo must act in harmony, then My Currents flow uninterruptedly. Fluctuation of aura causes intermittent waves, constancy of aura assures harmony. The candleflame gives light to all, but smothered under an irritant-drop it flickers and must be set aright. 98. Knowledge helps one to avoid danger. The fearless apostle! 99. Mist enfolds the mountain base but the summit is ever bathed in the sun's glory. 100. 15 years must elapse before the result of the flame shows, but light-sparks manifest ere then. 101. Cautious judgment but fosters My Cause. Gather a few who elect and carefully obliterate the calumnies of the unprepared ones. 102. Bliss has departed from many who have rejected it. 103-4. Every event to you is the unfolding page. God knows all realms. 105-6. The unity of nations will come thru battle. Fight wisely now, for Our enemies are also yours. Short is the teaching about men, but long is its comprehension. Show might in battle. I send you My love and strength. And the curtain is torn asunder, the Unknown is revealed. Universal events are interwove with men's lives, and the strings resound complexly; this should not terrify but wing the warriors on. 107. The Teacher adorns your days with laurel and refreshes you with His healing aromas. 108. Fear not inaction; the air is tense and the fiery cross of love covers your battlefield, the song of harmony resounds. Blessed are these who evoke the assaults of the evil ones, attesting the fight for Me. 109. Wonders are manifest in life. Open your eyes, perceive. 110. Not always does the eye perceive the sun's ray, yet does the sun ever warm the Earth. Love's warmth is lavished upon you, your spirit understands not barrenness of soul. 111. Let the unworthy depart. The Plan of the rise of the new race is wisely designed. 112. M fills your being with calm strength. When the stillness of harmony is upon you, the force of the arrows increases. Comprehend the salutary light from the Teacher. 113. Austerely begin the great task. The light of My Banner blesses you and leads you on the path to manifest My Truth. Know to begin--the Teacher knows to send you His Shield. I foresee the happy outcome from the fulfillment of My Command. With the seal of Solomon I attest--I gave, I give, I shall give.

Maitreya Fire #1: