courtesy of Maitreya Samgha, the first of the Agni Yoga Series in Excerpt Form:

   Into the New Country, My first message

   Thou who gavest the Ashram and two lives, proclaim.
   Builders and warriors, strengthen the steps.
   All is revealed, all attainable.
   I cover you with a shield--labor.
        I have spoken.

   I AM thy bliss, smile, joy, rest, strength, valor, wisdom

   1.  By holiness in life guard the precious gem of gems.  Aum Tat Sat Aum!
I AM thou, thou art I.
Life thunders--be watchful.
Danger!  The soul hearkens to its warning!
Strive for the life glorified, the pure realization.
Put aside all prejudice--think freely.
Be not downcast but hopeful.
Flee not from life, walk the path of salvation.

One Temple for all--One God
Infinite is the Almighty's Abode and the Holy Spirit soars thruout.
(Resurgem Christos)--visions to fulfill.
People will arise and fulfill potential.
   2.  In creation realize life's bliss, and unto the desert turn thine eye.
Comprehend the great gift of love to the One God.
Try to unfold insight of the future unity of mankind.
The one salvation:  attune spirit in the light of Truth.
The great gift of love lives in single vision bestowed upon the fearless.
Thou, who hast seen!
Pure art expresses radiant spirit; thru art the light.
   3.  He obsessed with matters of the netherworld receives no answer from the heights.  Fate is overcome as one manifests Christ in sacrifice to Truth.
   4.  My friends!  Happiness lies in serving mankind's salvation.  Turn the unsightly toward beauty.  As the tree renews leaves, so shall men flourish on the path of righteousness.
   5.  Direct thy friends toward righteousness.
Conceal not Our Communications.
Watch heartfully Our Inspiration.
Strive and thou perceivest the light.
I point out the way--the heart knows Our Token.
Behold:  The Teachers reveal a lyre, bliss sent unto thee.  
Steadfastness is requisite to those striving for ascent.
Those of full heart fulfill Our requests in harkening to universal harmony.
Truth is unto thee--be ready to receive it.
As the heavens are depthless, so the potential.
   6.  My Breath dares toward Beauty.
Outpourings thru sacrifice lead to joyous realization.
Eschew slumbering existence.
Love that life sparkling with souls enchased in divine radiance.

Strengthen spiritual potential.
Ever remember the gates revealed by Us.
Our blissful Breath imparts living sustenance daily.
Let the dance of wrath falter before the Temple!

Fearlessness flame brightens thy hearth.
We send the light to those who smile at darkness.
Of a spirit in ascent, its flaming heart is unblighted by cold.
The Right Hand of God asserteth Itself, pronouncing Dawn.
   7.  Why go placidly?  In life imbibe the source of sound and color--strengthen awareness.
   8.  Be not bold in daily life, be more simple.  My friends, let not the personal affect your auras.
   9.  Stand aside, flaming one!  Hide not heaven's gates!
Thou hast created souls joyous in spiritual awareness.
Cherish the token given thee; lessen not what thou dost not comprehend.
Many doubts will be dispelled in thy future work.
Wisdom's Voice opes the gates of mystery.
   10.  Love each other--beware of disunion.  
One pays dearly for frivolity and prattle.
   11.  Harden not--We bestow upon thee the ways.
   12.  A prayer:
Lord of my spirit, forsake not the pilgrim!
The Guru lets me face threatening storm,
the pain piercing the heart-depths.
The whirlwind veil hides the light of Thy face,
the phantoms hide their faces,
but with Thee I fear not my ignorance.
Lead me upon the path, Blessed One.
Touch my eyes that I may see Thy gates!
   13.  Sacrifice makes the steps of ascent.
My friends, hasten past early steps that in purity you may ascend
to the glory of your motherland.
   14.  Carrying the life-spear, one breathes happily the sun's prana.  Take up thy sunrise spear and guide thy morning steeds toward noontide.
Lillies blossom upon stone.
At the first ray open thy portal.
Birds sing the praise of labor.
Learn the Creator's Wisdom thru life's motifs.
   15.  Strengthen the awareness of Our Presence in thy life.  Invoke Our Power for thy deeds.  Rejoice, ye who have understood.  Live a full life rich in experience.  Whatever thy doubts We shall dissolve them in life--perceive.  We manifest wondrously in thy days--discern.  Let thy heart be judge and faith thy power.  Be content with the true indications whispered of spirit.  My friends, a happy road ye chose:  Teach others to search for My Realm of attainment.
   16.  Try to study the higher manifestations of value to mankind.  The conceptions of man are created by mankind's energy use.
   17.  Thru teaching light comes to you.  To teach and to love are God expressions.
   18.  Ascend by faith in the Blessed Ones and you do not err.  I come to succor--are you blind?  Love pure potential and so conquer.
   19.  Steep is the path to faith's abode.  Turn your thought to creation's joy.  Cast out trivial thought, be ready to receive Our vibrations.
   20.  Pure thoughts of the courageous spirit transform into realities life's phenomena.
   21.  Pure thoughts ever ascend.  At Christ's feet they radiantly blossom.  With pure blue flame the Calling Word glows, radiating the uplifted heart-chalice.  Lord, drain our tears, make clear our heart-flames.  "By fire I dry your tears and upraise your heart-temples."
   Remove the covers of your hearth, the Lord comes!  He transforms the treasure of the cup and returns the chalice afire.  O flame two-tongued, assert thyself, thou double-pointed!  How shall I fill Thy Cup, O Lord!
   22.  Love the manifestation of harmony.  I send the blessed token of Gupta.  Await and attune your ear; My lips would speak.
   23.  I AM the searing heat of sands, the heartflame, the engulfing wave; I AM the Earth regenerated.  Rejoice, behold the Light.
   24.  Beseech Christ.
   25-6.  We lend Our ears to pure thoughts.  Perfect yourselves, my friends, unwearyingly.  Deny not the spiritual call, suppress only the earthbound voices.  Be daring--I AM with you.  Spurn cowardice--I shield the fearless one.
   27.  I bestow My Wisdom upon thee.  No promise, I AM verily the Lightbearer.  I proclaim love, My disciples realize bliss in Christ-love.
   28.  Love creates infinitely.  Love and Wisdom are one.
   29.  I designate the path for the fight against worldly bargaining.  Men have sunk into lethargy but lightning illumines the way.  Go, teach, stretch forth the hand of aid!
   30.  Seek happiness, exalt the spirit.  Faith in the inherent and the endeavor for truth create harmony.

Maitreya Fire #1: