decree for Light's Protection

   (v.2, #11, published by The White Lodge, copyright 1979)
   "Beloved mighty victorious Presence of God I AM in me, my very own beloved Holy Christ Self, Holy Christ Selves of all mankind, beloved El Morya, beloved Mighty Elohim Hercules and Amazonia, beloved Archangel Michael and Faith and your legions of blue-lightning angels, beloved K-17, beloved Goddess of Light, beloved Ascended Master Cuzco, beloved Oromasis and Diana, beloved Lanello, the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood and the World Mother:  In thy name, by and through the magnetic power of the immortal, victorious, threefold flame of love, wisdom and power anchored within my heart and the cross of blue flame I decree:
   1.  Light's protection manifest--
       Holy Brotherhood in white,
       Light of God that never fails,
       Keep us in thy perfect sight!
Refrain:  I AM, I AM, I AM protection's mighty power,
          I AM, I AM, I AM guarded every hour,
          I AM, I AM, I AM perfection's mighty shower
          Manifest, manifest, manifest!
   2.  Lord Michael, mighty and true,
       Guard us with thy sword of blue,
       Keep us centered in the light's
       Blazing armor shining bright!
   3.  Around us blaze thy sword of faith--
       Mighty power of holy grace,
       I AM invincible protection always
       Pouring from thy dazzling rays!
   And in all faith I consciously accept this manifest, manifest, manifest (3x) right here and now with full power, eternally sustained, all-powerfully active, ever expanding and world enfolding until all are wholly ascended in the light and free!  Beloved I AM, beloved I AM, beloved I AM!"

Mark L. Prophet on the spiritual law of assumption/ascension

(v.2, #11, published by The White Lodge, copyright 1979) "The whole purpose of creation, then, is the gradual raising up of all life. This is why the first, second and third golden ages of mankind's history upon this planet were very, very beautiful and harmonious. And the golden law was the law by which mankind lived--religion then being a gift of the heart which was understood by every child and conveyed by every parent to every child they had. This was a natural conveyance. The laws were codified in simple terms that a child could understand, and the greatest spiritual laws were drawn by the drama of geometry. Geometric figures were used to describe cosmic laws; and thus that which has survived to the present hour as geometry is actually the secret records of the early teachings of the great masters of mankind by which they taught their children. G was God. E was God's energy. O was the beginning, or the circle of the whole which was added to the M, making OM. So we have to recognize that the sound of OM, the vibratory action of the outflow of the music of the spheres into creation, was captured in the OM or the AUM or the AMEN or the first and the last--these two symbols being the first and the last. So, God's energy OM was then divided with the O as the circle of the universe, the M as part of M-E-T, which was measurement energy--MET, or metering, measuring of God's energy--T-R-Y, which meant to try to conform to the purposes of God's energy which went out into the universe to accomplish his purpose. So geometry was intended to convey that idea. And it was actually very simple, because by trial, the trial of self to test its own mettle in conformity to the universe, man was able to correct his aberrations the same as a navigator at sea could correct the course of a ship. You could do it with cosmic geometry. And therefore, true--not Euclidian geometry, but the true geometry of the Spirit which makes use of these symbols--actually conveys a terrific knowledge of God which long ago in the first, second and third root races was utilized. Therefore, all of us can make full use of that law. Recognizing that whatever we externalize in ourselves is a benefit to the universe and will help our fellowmen, we need no longer then labor under the impression, mind you, that what we gain for ourselves will be lost to others. It is the motive that transfigures. And if your motive is to help the universe as well as yourselves, you are absolutely justified in enhancing the qualities of your mind, in building up the forte of your spirit, in learning how to drink into the happiness of God, in communing with cosmic beings and invisible forces, in learning the best defenses against the negative energy upon the planet, in trying to understand what the brothers of light are doing for humanity, in consciously aligning yourself with the information that the brothers of light are dispensing to you--and doing everything, in fact, to enrichen yourself so that the universe through you can be enrichened. Remember, there isn't a single soul on this planet that has any edge on you as far as the Father is concerned. He equally loves every one of his children, but he recognizes that these children are on different rungs of the ladder of consciousness. They do not all have the same spiritual development. They are not all capable of pressures. Therefore, God does indeed temper the wind to the shorn lamb. But many times--and this is very unfortunate--through mass karmic releases, the innocent do suffer with the guilty, and this is unavoidable. But if through our life experiences when we innocently suffer--even for the sake of Christ or for the sake of the light, for the sake of truth, of purity--if we will cognize that such suffering, in one sense of the word, is an opportunity to store up a form of virtue against the wrath to come, we can be fortified. What is important is to recognize that between the lines of the cradle to the grave, the purposes of life must be served. Why are we here? The purposes of life, as we see it, are to do the will of God. Yet this purpose is the last purpose that most men and women think about. They talk about 'my life.' They talk about what they're going to do when they retire, and it isn't long after they retire that they're tired. Yet life seems to be broken into segments, and all of these segments can be made meaningless if we wish or they can be made meaningful at any age. At any age a person can recognize that there must be something more than just the ephemeral world to deal with. The ascended masters have the truth, and you've got the germ right inside of you. All you have to do is magnetize, by that germ, the seed of God. The seed of God is just like a pumpkin seed, only it's very, very small when you receive it. And the only way you can expand it is by the qualities of God. When you get the seed inside of your heart, in the heart flame, you've got to expand it. Don't forget that. It will affect every cell of your body. And if you raise children, it will affect the children. In the mercy of God every soul that has consciousness, that comes from God and desires to find the light can find it. People can change. You can have what you want. The choice is yours."

The Crystallization of the God Flame: