Golden Victorious Light by the Cosmic Being Victory

(v.2, #13, published by The White Lodge, copyright 1979) "In the name of the beloved mighty victorious Presence of God, I AM in me, Holy Christ Selves of all mankind, beloved mighty Victory, beloved Lanello, the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood and the World Mother, I decree: I AM the golden victorious light, the full-orbed flame of illumination from the heart of God that refuses to accept any concept of limitation concerning my eternal reason for being here and now made manifest in the chalice of the present hour. I AM the radiation of that victory which sweeps across the face of the earth, removing barriers by the power of faith that will not be denied its immortal birthright. I AM the flame of illumination that sweeps all continents, awakening peoples of every walk of life from the lethargy and sleep of the ages to a vital, breathing awareness of the wisdom that transcends dogma, sense consciousness, and personality functions, threading the eye of the needle with the thread of light-determination whose sewings upon the garments of the Lord of Creation produce elevation, consummation, radiation, purification and freedom for every man, woman and child upon this planet. O world, awake,/ Your dusty selves now shake; Purify and rectify,/ New ways of thought to make! (3x or 9x) And in full faith I consciously accept this manifest, manifest, manifest (3x), right here and now with full power, eternally sustained, all-powerfully active, ever expanding and world enfolding until all are wholly ascended in the light and free! Beloved I AM, beloved I AM, beloved I AM!" Mark L. Prophet on the control of the personal aura: "God intends you to fulfill your destiny, yes. But one of the greatest problems with people is that they expect in one short lecture or course of instruction that they are immediately going to be able to do everything that they are told. You have to recognize that you start first with the idea, then you bring the idea into play in your lives from a total standpoint. But the acquisition of totality does not happen overnight simply because of the nature of these barrier reefs to man's realization. Your own God-realization is very important, but how many years did it take you to build up the patterns of densification? Well, then, do you see the role of the violet transmuting flame in helping to remove this? It actually performs the same power in your life as a detergent in your bloodstream--as the violet transmuting flame itself acting in your life becomes a detergent. It washes you, it purifies your consciousness, it enables you to catch the glistening spiritual radiance in the mind of God and the divine intent. So in commanding magnetism, you may start very small. You don't have to start as a fully developed master, but bear in mind that you can set this before you as a goal. Determine that you are going to command magnetism. You are going to command your life. You are not going to be a vampire, and you are not going to allow anyone else to vampirize you. And you shouldn't. It is very definitely a wrong thing. Now physicians who are engaged in the healing arts sometimes find that their patients will--actually because of the mental conditions behind the physical manifestation of illness--tend to produce negative reactions in the doctors and also in some spiritual healers. As a result of this, I have seen many cases where spiritual healers take on the diseases that plague their patients or those who apply to them for help. This is not necessary, of course, if you do the proper necessary preparatory acts such as making your invocations to your Divine Presence, determining that no effect is going to accumulate in your consciousness or in your physical form. Now I don't know just how knowledgeable some of you are about the laws of physical contact. But I am a very sensitive person, and I know that just a tiny touch of my hand on another person will give me a vibratory pattern of their whole Electronic Presence--it will give me the pattern of their subconscious presence. So where in the world would I be, seeing I mingled with the entire world and with the audience, if I were to absorb into my being all of this nature of the other person? In many cases, I might be better off. They might be just wonderful people. Perhaps I could profit by this point of contact. But in other cases, I would be deleteriously affected. I would be laid prostrate; I would be absolutely helpless if I were to take in all the vibratory patterns that I run into. Now, Jesus had this same problem in his own life, and so will you, and probably so do you. People have these problems and they have to be people capable of commanding their magnetism in order to fulfill their cosmic destiny. You know, it would be a very easy thing for people to lose their destiny, to allow other people to eclipse the purpose of their being. And for what purpose? If you are in the world for the right purpose, you will recall the words Jesus spoke as he descended through space. When the naked soul was coming down over the plains of Bethlehem before he had taken on the investiture of flesh, while he was still coming like a meteor of light, coming through that atmosphere, he said, 'Lo, I AM come to do thy will, O God.' Now if we would only be mindful of the fact that we also came into the world--if we have any spiritual power--to do the will of God and to help humanity, we should not and ought not, then, to allow ourselves to be dissipated in senseless human frustrating problems. We should not take on the problems of other people. Nor should we expect that we should inflict our problems on them. We should cope with them and deal with them from the personal level in order to develop that magnetism and power in the personal aura that really is a strength and a tower of strength not only to ourselves--and we all need it--but also to our fellowmen who may, at some time or other, need the strength that we have, that we are, that we can develop until those blessed souls, who are probably recipients of the transfusion through our consciousness, can develop the strength and the wisdom and the power to be able to draw their own direct power from the heart of their Divine Presence. Now I will say this: a person can start right now and begin to draw the power from his Presence that will create that personal magnetism that is of the Spirit. You can do it today, yes--but your chances of being able to successfully do it just because I tell you that you can are not nearly as great as when you begin the process of experimenting and making the calls to your God Presence not only for the violet transmuting flame to remove the barriers but so that you can develop the consciousness and the methodology that will help you to do it. You need to have a methodology. It doesn't just work in many cases just because you think that it will work. Although I must say that, here is the strange thing about it all. First you go ahead and you develop the idea of potential. In other words, you say, 'I can!' and you begin to feel that very deeply. And then you develop the methodology. You find how you can do it, how you can implement your dreams and desires by reality. And then there comes a time in your advanced--and I want you to take note of this, I say in your advanced spiritual life--when your mere wish or whimsy may become a manifestation because you have developed so much tremendous power that you have to be careful or you are liable to be like the poor little sorcerer's apprentice. Do you remember him? Be very careful that you don't start in with this idea of fooling with the universe and the laws of the universe and deciding that you are going to do big things. The main thing is to start small and grow big. Do it by maturity of consciousness, but hold the potential that you are an unlimited person and therefore you have the power to command your own magnetism. God said it; I am only echoing it. You can command your magnetism. You can command your personal aura. The aura is a flame and you know what you can do with that flame? You can start out letting the flame be divine love, divine wisdom and divine power. But the order should follow the order of the day. The order of the days, as many organizations have released it, starts with the blue--they are wrong. The master showed me clearly that Sunday is related and equated with the yellow, with the golden fount of knowledge. Why, doesn't it make sense to you that before God would create anything at all, or before anyone whould create anything, that they would decide first as to whether or not they should make it according to a certain design? Wouldn't they use the intellect? Or can you imagine God just pressing power, like a machine, out into the universe saying, 'Well, I am going to do this'? But what are you going to do? First the idea has to be illuminated. Therefore Sunday is the first day of the week. And you see, this means that a man first must proceed with an orderly idea involving his own life before he can ever start the process of dispensing information to other people as to how to run their lives. So all of us should first start and say, 'This is the way that I am going to do it.' Sunday--illumination, wisdom. Now comes love. What should be the power of love? Its role in our affairs should be to consider the impact of what we are going to do upon the lives of others and upon our own lives. If you can take the human events that are about to take place in your life through this system, start with an idea and proceed with love and ask yourself whether or not your idea is loving in relation to others, whether or not the loving idea you have is going to benefit others, whether or not it is going to benefit yourself; and then, along with your wisdom, decide how you are going to apply your love. Then you are ready, and only then, for the release of that power which brings this into cosmic action and manifestation. Until it does, wait!"

The Crystallization of the God Flame: