Introducing Jophiel and Christine

(vol.2, #14, published by The White Lodge, at the Ashram of the World Mother, 1130 Arlington Ave., Los Angeles, 1979) "Wisdom is a part of the Christ manifestation--pure light substance by which men can see into the heart of God. Jesus told us in the Sermon on the Mount that the pure in heart shall see God. God has give to all the earth the great outpouring of his cosmic love, his cosmic wisdom, and his cosmic power, even though many refuse to accept these gifts and make them a part of their daily lives. 'As you increase in the fruit of love, wisdom, goodness, and spiritual magnification,' Jophiel instructs us, 'as you open your consciousness to the great treasure house of light from on high, you will be preparing the way for the birth of the Christ mind within you. You will be taught how you can correct every mistake, and that quickly. For when one becomes a friend of God he is illumined.' You will recall in Genesis that Abraham was called a 'friend of God.' The angels do not demand perfection from us at the present moment. We have been promised that 'as long as you are striving daily, the angels of Jophiel and Christine will strive with you. It is only when you cease your striving that the angels retreat. They do not demand absolute perfection in a day, they do not demand absolute victory in a day, but a little step forward, a conquest, and an effort to be true to oneself. Is this not, after all, the highest wisdom--to be true to oneself?' Although the flame of illumination is freely given to all, yet everyone does not make use of this great opportunity. It is difficult to reach a mind that is programmed and conditioned in a body that is dense, attached to desires that are immense and undisciplined. There is a certain necessary action on the part of the individual--he must work for wisdom and purity of consciousness. The angels cannot give it to us without a certain effort on our part. Jophiel says, 'Mankind are not fully aware of the fact that thought is the creator of those disease germs--called by the scientists "germs"--which are, in themselves, but the misqualified energy which mankind have released in a microscopic pattern which, because of its virulence and because of its malice which was actually implanted into it by human thought, enters into the human bloodstream. And there arises therein a tremendous battle between the internal nature of perfection which was implanted by God as a protection to every lifestream within the physical body. And in this warfare, a great deal of energy is consumed. Then these specifically virulent microbes of destruction bore themselves within the human consciousness in order to create in the macrocosmic body of man the imperfection which was implanted in the specific microbe by wrong thought and feeling expressed by man. And therefore man is the creator of all disease, and for this reason has had to struggle with that which he has created. 'Nevertheless, the great angelic host and the ascended masters have stilled many a plague, have stood between mankind. And I have watched often while the angels stood with drawn swords over many cities of Europe as well as America and said, "You shall stand no further. You cannot pass to injure any more children or any more of mankind. You must stop, in God's holy name, your action!" And then it was as though all of this virulent energy dropped and drooped and shriveled and faded and was blown away by the holy winds of heaven. And the plagues were stayed, and the love of God flowed forth again, and civilization breathed free and easy.' Do you ever have days when you feel lonely, sad, depressed, out of tune with the universe? If you do, a great cosmic being has given us the prescription for a speedy cure for these problems. He says: 'There is no greater vibration in cosmos than pure, absolute sacred fire burning with the love of God, burning with the wisdom of God, burning with the power of God. Understand that this truly and surely is your defense. And therefore, to allow yourself to become concave in the doldrums of human moods and in the temptations of the fallen ones and therefore to allow the sun of your heart to momentarily go out or to flicker or to sag leaves yourself vulnerable to the fallen ones--who, I might add, wait for those moments when you are off guard and when the sun of your heart dims for want of your attention upon the light of Helios and Vesta. 'Therefore, beloved Keepers of the Flame, I remind you to visualize the arc from your heart to Helios and Vesta. For your most blessed Father/Mother God anchored within this solar system do sustain for you that momentum of the Central Sun and have encouraged us to repeat to you this day the concept that that sun can be yours in an instant simply by the arcing of your attention--only to go into your heart for a moment to visualize your heart as a sun, to see the sun in the heavens or to visualize it there on a rainy day and to say, "Helios and Vesta, I love thee." This is enough to establish the arc. Over the arc will come the full-gathered momentum of that sun body, and your own heart chakra will be enveloped in that sun presence, and instantaneously, then, you will both deflect and consume all substance and darkness that is pitted against not only your lifestream but against every soul of light upon earth.' As the angels of illumination minister to mankind in this hour of judgment, Jophiel explains his role as the second angel who pours out the golden vial. He says: 'I clear the way for illumined action and for the light of understanding. By my flame the author of Proverbs wrote: "Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding. Exalt her, and she shall promote thee; she shall bring thee to honor, when thou dost embrace her. She shall give to thine head an ornament of grace: a crown of glory shall she deliver to thee."' Portia, the twin flame of Saint Germain, as the Goddess of Justice and Opportunity delivers the opportunity to us which is the mercy of the law. When we open the door of our consciousness and consciously, willingly allow Christ to enter, the divine spark is quickened by those heavenly ones who have gone before us and have already attained. We know that darkness always precedes the dawn, and now the seven archangels need spokesmen today who can deliver the teachings of the Great White Brotherhood in these last years preceding the dawning of the golden age of Aquarius. Wisdom desires to teach her children in so many different fields at present in order to reverse the dark trends that have manifested recently in the schools, in rock and roll rhythms, in the press, on television, in radio, on the movie screen. Jophiel says, 'Precious ones, as the truth is that which makes man free, wisdom is the explanation of truth. Mankind crave to know the law; and therefore I say, teach them. But before you teach them, learn yourself the holy precepts pure from the very hand of the Mother of the Flame, the representative of the Divine Mother in this age who stands waiting to award you with that which is rightfully yours, that which you have earned through many cycles of preparation. You are not dense, you are not dark, you are not heavily laden by karmic weight. For I see beyond all that, and I see the spirals of wisdom that you have pursued even before coming to this planetary home.' Know the teachings and know them accurately. Be prepared! Make ready for your mission! Jophiel and Christine have invited us to their retreat on the etheric plane over China. They invite us to 'study the ancient law of the Chin,' the mysteries of the flow of wisdom taught by Confucius and Lanto of old who also came to their retreat to receive the sacred power of the Word of wisdom from their flame. Jophiel has asked all of you who desire to be counted among the cadres of the World Teachers in this age to write a letter to the Lords of Karma in your own handwriting, making known your desire to consecrate your life to those who wish to embody. The masters have so many plans for changing the trend of society back to that of a God-oriented life again! Christine, as our cosmic mother of illumination, says: 'There is a gentleness in the flowing stream of God's illumination that can be felt only when the cares and the burdens of the world with its knowledge, its pursuits, are set aside. And then the gentle, rhythmic, rolling currents of the mighty river of illumination that flows from the heart of the Father to the heart of the Mother is sensed. And then it is that man no longer desires to return to the worldly life with its worldly living; for he has found the fountain of youth, the elixir of golden liquid light, and when it is drunk, he experiences the illumination of the Buddhic consciousness, of the thousand-petaled lotus.' Those who work on the inner planes with the education of youth have so many ideas for new-age teaching methods that they long to impart to us. Christine says that all may learn from the Cosmic Virgin and her wisdom flame even the most complicated subjects. She says it is all a matter of how these subjects are taught: 'There is a gap between the schools of heaven and the schools of earth, for on the etheric plane we adjust the course to the pupil, but on earth the pupil must adjust to the course and either sink or swim, as you would say. We never allow a pupil to sink, for we would consider that it would be our fault and not the pupil's fault. There are many dedicated educators among mankind who share this philosophy, for they have learned it in our retreat. But I would ask you this day if you will not pray that the World Teachers and the hierarchies of illumination might release to the instructors and teachers among mankind and especially to yourselves, new and advanced methods of teaching all subjects. 'We have released some of these methods to the teachers and the sponsors of Montessori Intl., even as we released that method to Maria Montessori. But I tell you there is so much to be delivered that we can have many amanuenses among the teachers of the world. For it is our desire to set forth for these little ones who desire to be the forerunners of the golden age, practical methods of reaching them with all facets of the law. And so after you have attended the ascended masters' university, and also during that period, I trust you will invoke my flame and ask me to intercede with the Cosmic Christ for you to release methods of teaching, the teachings of the Brotherhood, on film, in all forms. 'Some of you are fond of the artistic work of Walt Disney, who was also inspired by the Brotherhood to teach the ever new truths of life to the children of the world. Many children have no knowledge of the cosmic honor flame, of fairies and angels and masters, except through the films of Walt Disney. 'Now has come an era when we desire to make films depicting the ascended masters' retreats, depicting the facets of the law, the movement of the flame, the lives of the elementals. We desire to show on the screen before all mankind how the violet flame works in the elemental kingdom, how these little creatures respond to the calls. We desire to show how an individual invoking the flame of illumination at one point on the planetary body can cause an entire spiral of ideas and hundreds of individuals who are seeking knowledge at another point on the earth. 'We desire to show the harmonics of the music of the spheres, the rhythm of the mighty Elohim and their sacred tones. We desire to sound these tones at the physical level so that mankind might perceive these tones. And then we shall show in moving picture how these tones are able to actually change the cell patterns and the cell formations of children, of those who are incarcerated in mental institutions and in prisons, those who are lost to society because of their own rebellions against the law. 'Of course hierarchy never interferes with free will, and thus we do not interfere with those who do not desire to be changed. But we can show them films of how they might be changed, if they would consent by their free will. And I say, would that not be better than showing films of pornography, of lewd entertainment, of all types of astral nightmares that are paraded before the youth of the world every Friday and Saturday night? And they continue to flock to the cinemas, because they have nowhere else to go in many places and they desire to remove themselves from their parent's eye. And thus they flock and thus they are fed; and in their very cell patterns the entire roll of film is cast upon that plastic substance of protoplasm. And sometime, somewhere all of that violence and indiscretion must be outpictured, else transmuted if they would make progress.'

The Crystallization of the God Flame: