Mark L. Prophet on the control of the personal aura

(v.2, #12, pub. by The White Lodge, copyright 1979) "I want to discuss with you tonight The Control of the Personal Aura because your aura is important to you. There are, however, in existence many misconceptions about the nature of the human aura. Hence the current studies of Kuthumi, our beloved master, are most appropriate, and I am sure those who wish to pursue the subject a little further than where we will take you tonight will be interested in going over again and again the writings of the great Master Kuthumi. He illustrates the practical aspects of the control of the personal aura through his Studies of the Human Aura (1971, 1975). We intend this evening, by God's grace, to bring you some insight into the nature of the human aura. As most individuals are aware, the physical body is filled with glandular centers, and these glandular centers have a terrific bearing on what you actually are insofar as consciousness and happiness go. Now the glandular centers are easily affected by those intangible aspects of man's nature, namely the power of thought. In reality, the power of thought is far more potent than just what happens to us physically. And so the aura is itself very much subject to the laws of thought which affect the glandular systems of our bodies. Therefore our happiness, our moods, our conditions--all of these are affected by the actual power of thought, what we allow or permit to use our consciousness. People do not understand how the moods and the thoughts behind the action telegraph to the world what their intentions are in all that they do. We should be very careful, then, in commanding our own magnetism to try to learn something more about ourselves and how we can correctly affect the lives of other people, rather than going around indiscriminately emoting and spilling the liquid, the precious liquid of our own consciousness on other people to inundate them with the flow of our emotional body completely ungoverned, when in reality, the governing of the magnetism of ourselves is a very great matter of vital concern to all of us--or should be. Now first of all, we should understand that man is a flame. To continue somewhat where I left off this afternoon, then, with the electric spark, let us add to it by saying that that spark very easily, by the power of thought, becomes a flame. And this flame, in effect is magnetic. And the magnetism of the human aura can be both increased and decreased according to our will. But we also have to deal with the involuntary factor of releasing tremendous flows of energies without even being aware of it. I think the easiest way I can bring this out to you is to point out the factor of human pique--someone becoming angry or irritated by something someone else does. When we allow people to, so to speak, 'get our cork,' we often release tremendous torrents of emotional or magnetic energy which become misqualified by reason of our acceptance of the other person's discord, or the fact that they act as a catalyst upon our lives--impugning the dignity of our lives, yes, but causing us to involuntarily lose a vast quantity of spiritual or, as Morya would say, psychic energy. And I am not talking about the psychic in a negative sense. I am talking about the spiritual; I am equating the word psychic with spiritual on this occasion. And I want you to understand that when you release this energy out from your being, it may later--much later, hours later by the clock--cause you to have a tremendous feeling of weakness, of a loss of strength, of a loss of contact with God, and to feel very depressed, downhearted, or disturbed because someone has touched the hem of your garment. And they have not done it the way the woman did with Jesus because of the virtue that has gone out of you; but they have robbed you of vital lifeforce without in any way touching you, necessarily, physically. They have done it by a means of coming in direct contact with your aura, and through the aura, they are bleeding you dry of vital energy. We should understand that the same energy source that feeds the child because his glandular system is working so beautifully in harmony, can actually be brought into activity in our individual lives if we really live close to the Presence, if we really live close to God, if we are trying to do the right thing and be the right person. You don't have to toast your shins on someone else's fires, because you have your own fires inside of yourself; and when you start to do so, you set into motion an action of the karmic law that ultimately depletes the energy that you, yourselves, would otherwise have normally in your life. You see, you rob someone else of energy, then you feel better momentarily and they feel worse. But, comes the day of reckoning! You have to pay your debts to life. And so you do, and it may return to you at a moment when you least expect it, and you will find yourself suddenly suffering a drop in energy potential just because you have been in this vicious little pernicious habit of robbing someone else of his vital energy. So in the commanding of personal magnetism, in the commanding of life involving the personal aura of man, he should understand his direct Source, his direct point of contact with his God Presence, and his ability to receive from God the power to fully direct his own life without, in any way, robbing another. I generally find that I have a tremendous desire to reach up to the heart of the Presence and draw enough energy for thousands of people, for millions of people, because I don't feel that if a person is living in the Presence that he should be depleted in energy. Instead, he should be able to recharge his own batteries, to be able to pick up that energy from the heart of his Presence and to do it effectively right now without waiting. All you have to do is fix your mind on your Presence and determine that you are going to draw that energy from the heart of your Presence, and it will flow and flow and flow because you have invoked it. However, let me point out something to you. So you invoke the energy from the heart of your Presence, it comes down, and then it hits a tremendous wall or filter of density that you yourself have builded up around yourself in your personal aura, also in your karmic patterns. When the density wall is contacted, it will often absorb tremendous amounts of this energy and stop it right there. It acts as a filter, it holds it, and it attracts this energy, and therefore you don't get the benefit of it. Now this is why it is so important that those who want to live close to the heart of the Presence will understand the important use and correct use of the violet transmuting flame. Once you understand the violet transmuting flame, you understand that you are dealing with pure light. If you are dealing with pure light, how do you do it? Well, first of all, you have to understand that the nature of Christ is entirely light. You have to understand that the nature of God is also light but God, in effect, is the Creator of light. We have God the Spirit and then we have light, and light is the substance of which the tiny molecules and cells are actually composed. They densify into form; then the densification goes down further until beyond the molecular structure in the electronic field of man, we have both space and we have the little tiny whirling electrons that inhabit space, that compose the molecules. And we have the nuclei where the tremendous power of the Spirit is packed. This is the power released through an atomic bomb, and you yourself have enough energy in your physical body to blow the world to kingdom come. Whether you know it or not, you have it in your own physical body. Then, you have to understand that the explosion we are concerned with is the explosion in consciousness and mind whereby a man is able to summon the powers I am talking about. But you have to first start to creep, then you start to walk, and after you walk, you may start to run. So don't get this idea that just because we talk about it, just because we explain it, that you are going to immediately be able to master it. It takes a long time, in some cases, where walls of densification, calcination, recalcitrance, and wrong ideas, habit patterns are formed in the consciousness of people to rid themselves completely of these barriers to our spiritual development and the commanding of spiritual magnetism. God intends you to fulfill your destiny, yes! But one of the greatest problems with people is that they expect in one short lecture or course of instruction that they are immediately going to be able to do everything that they are told. You have to recognize that you start first with the idea, then you bring the idea into play in your lives from a total standpoint."

The Crystallization of the God Flame: