Michael and Faith

(vol. 2, #11) "Archangel Michael tells us that he charges us with the faith to complete our inner vows, our divine mission. He says, 'Each and every one of you have stood before the Lords of Karma before coming into embodiment, promising to render a service for the Christ. And I have stood with you, and I have also pledged my energies and those of my legions in the defense of your faith. 'And so in our temple of light at Banff, our angels do come to receive the fires of protection. There they dip in and they are recharged for the service to mankind which they perform 24 hours a day. Angels of Archangel Michael's band would never go forth to do battle without the armor of light and the full protection of the law. I charge you then to learn a lesson from your angel of faith: to put on that armor, the whole armor of God, as you have been taught, and then to go forth as you shall go forth with the legions of fearlessness flame.' When men departed from their original state of innocence and perfection, they lost their own innate protection. Archangel Michael tells us that when his angels enter the atmosphere of earth, when they descend into the dimensions of time and space, they 'wear a crystalline helmet of light substance that is harder than the diamond.' He says, 'We do this because we wish no penetration to ensue which would bring into our world the power of darkness and shadow or misqualified substance. Yet you have heard the statement made, "Fools rush in where angels fear to tread." And therefore, mankind today often go without their tube of light, without any form of protection whatsoever into some of the denizens of the world--some of the dens, if you will permit me to use your own form of address--and there in those places of iniquity where the dark spirits assemble to vampirize mankind, individuals pick up in their feeling world those negatives which then linger long afterward as the seeds of disease and produce those unhallowed states of consciousness and unhappiness which sometimes produce a terrible manifestation of the suicide entity.' Many people are troubled by difficulty in sleeping at night and even by astral nightmares. Some of these problems are caused by a lack of protection when we are out of our bodies during states of sleep and therefore are more vulnerable to attack by the forces of darkness. The master has recommended that we invoke his full armor of protection before we go to sleep at night--his crystalline helmet, his sword, his shield, his boots, and his gauntlets which are fashioned of pure light substance. He suggests we call for his Electronic Presence to overshadow us, to go with us as we leave our bodies at night, to remain with us as we go forth in service during the hours of sleep, and also especially to help us reenter our bodies in the morning so that we will not be caught in the astral state that produces those frightening dreams. Archangel Michael has offered us another great gift from his heart of love--a dispensation given in Boston on April 22, 1961, which is as valid today as it was on the night on which it was spoken: 'Blessed and beloved ones, some of you are of advancing years, and it will not be long before you shall vacate your body temples. Some of you shall do so by the ascension and some shall enter the realms of our world in the other manner called death. I will make you one promise: If you will call secretly to me within your heart and ask me to come to you in that hour, I, Michael, will materialize to you at the hour of your passing and you will see me as I AM. And I will promise you that I will help to cut you free from the remaining unredeemed portions of your karma and will help you to enter the realms of light with less of the attendant pain which results from human fear in their passing. This is a privilege and a gift I give you from my heart. I flood it forth to the people of Boston and to those throughout the world who have the faith to accept it and to realize that God walks and talks with men today in the same manner as of old. I AM Michael, Prince of the Archangels, rendering for the earth a cosmic service.' He cautions us that we must stop accepting the idea that we must wait until we have passed from the screen of life to attain our perfection. As El Morya has said, 'If you wait until you are absolutely perfected, you will never be able to do this work in embodiment. Therefore, go forth in God's name and perform acts of love and mercy in his name and by his power and by his light. 'Beloved ones, you must not wait until you wear royal robes of light and are absolutely free from the fetters of earth before you shall begin this work. We need and must have an anchor here. We must have hearts who beat for the light, hearts who beat in love for one another because they know that only by the power of love and by the power of faith can victory be won. It is so easy, so very easy, to settle back, as it were, in your chairs and say, "Oh, I can do so very little. I can do so very little for the light. I am only one." Beloved ones, one with God is indeed a majority. And a majority certainly has power.' In Archangel Michael there is no shadow of swerving from the eternal purpose. His eyes are as a coal of fire, able only to perceive the brilliance of God. The lot of an archangel is the lot of service--'a happy service it is true, but enhanced by our love, our devotion, and our confidence,' he tells us. His promise to us is: 'Give me your confidence, give me your friendship, and I will give you mine. And if I give you mine, I think no discordant manifestation shall be able to touch your world ever again. 'We have pledged to take our stand with humanity. Realize that at any hour of the day or night this is our service. And if they come to you with the temptations with which they came to the Lord Christ, say to them: "Get thee behind me, Satan, for I have an advocate with the Father, his Son Jesus Christ; and I have the Defender, the Defender of the Faith who has pledged his all in the service of the will of God within me." 'And then will come the angels of Christ and the angels of my band to minister unto you, to resurrect the fires of your hearts, to raise your energies, to seal you in the third eye, and to give you the immaculate conception of your victory. Victory unto the end! Let it be our byword and our motto. Victory unto the end! Victory unto the end! Victory unto the end!' Saint Germain tells us about those who have made the vow to try, to try, and to try again and to win the victory in the end. 'After all,' he says, 'what counts is not how many times you fall, but how many times you get up. See to it that you get up one more time than the amount of times that you fall.'"

The Crystallization of the God Flame: