Crystallization of the God Flame
from The Crystallization of the God Flame (published by The White Lodge, 1130 Arlington Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90019; copyright 1979), vol. 2, #11.

Introducing Michael and Faith, Archangel/Archeia of the First Ray of Perfection, Protection, Faith and Good Will
"What is faith? Faith is a gift of God. It is immortal substance. Michael tells us that not only is it a natural gift of God, but 'faith is a noble quality, a lofty vesture with which are saints arrayed.' We read in the first verse of the eleventh chapter of Hebrews: 'Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen'--'the eternal substance of the presence of light,' as Archangel Michael describes it. Jesus declared: 'Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed; blessed are they that have not seen, yet have believed.'
Because most of us cannot actually see the angels with our physical eyes, we need to practice entering into their realm by faith in the knowledge of the presence and the vibration of these ministering flames of fire that are so very much a part of heaven. Although angels are not only ignored but often rebuffed by the consciousness of men, they continue in divine love to serve and to serve and to serve. Listening Angel says, 'We live to serve and serve to love and love to serve, and we are the expression of God.'
By reason of human recalcitrance, ignorance, pride, and a host of other qualities all rooted in the human consciousness and human creation, mankind have made it exceedingly difficult for the ministration of the angelic host. Lord Michael says, 'Well, I tell you, ladies and gentlemen, that the powers of heaven have never taken a back seat. Mankind may do so. They may let their feelings be hurt by reason of some triviality. But the angelic host must always submit to whatever mankind desires to do to them. You may ignore us, you may forget us, but we do not forget you!' It is often physically uncomfortable for these beautiful beings of fire and light to come into the aura of men and to enter the dense vibrations of our planet. However, in divine love they continue to serve.
'Beloved ones,' Michael asks, 'do you know what it is to have the heart of an archangel? Do you know what it means to be able to perceive all of the great virtue of God in radiant manifestation throughout an entire universe? Do you know what it means to be able to immediately be where you gaze? And then, beloved ones, do you know what it means to return into the atmosphere of this planet and see the very discordant manifestations which have been too long in expression here?
'I do not always choose to use expressions which are perhaps a little bit on the discordant side, for that would not be desirable. Nevertheless, in one sense of the word, I can say to you, ladies and gentlemen, that very few of you would find it pleasant to raise the lid of a garbage can and gaze at the contents therein. And this is somewhat the position in which we are placed as we look upon the affairs of many of mankind who continually have made and created discord and sustained it.
'It is a small thing that they have performed these acts in ignorance, for God in all his great love and his great radiance and his great outpouring from the very beginning of Eden decreed for all of the earth an abundance of light's perfection. And never in the heart of God, never in the heart of the Great Helios and Vesta, never in the heart of Alpha and Omega has there been any creation of discord or any creation which would produce or sustain imperfection. All that is imperfect in manifestation is but an abortion of the perfected plan of God. It is but a misuse of discordant energy. And because I have so long served with my sword of blue flame to transmute discordant energy and to blaze the sword of blue flame through the activities of this world, I therefore tell you that I have not wearied in this perfect act of purifying the atmosphere of earth, but I stand today as ready as when I first came to do this service and perform it for mankind. I stand ready and willing to serve wherever I am needed.
Beloved ones, to serve God in any capacity is the greatest honor that can come to any creation in the universe. The universe is a universe of love. Every sustaining moment of time and space is sustained by the heartbeat of God. The heartbeat of God is love, and
as it throbs forth its resonant beating throughout all life, it speaks only of love, love, love, and more love. Every archangel feels the beating of the great heart of God within his being. And I tell you beloved ones, if you will only listen with the inner ear, it will be possible for you to hear the light beat of God within your own frame and physical form. You came forth from God in the same manner as did we of the ascended hosts and of the angelic hosts. I tell you, beloved ones, there is no difference in the creation of God.'
In the early church, communion with the angelic hosts was accepted and understood to be a divine reality. No one thought it was unusual for many to receive the visitation of Gabriel; and certainly Elizabeth and Anna and Joachim knew this archangel of the Lord. They welcomed him as a friend that they had known of old. Michael relates: 'Even the early Christians as they faced the lions, as they were thrown there and they sang their hymns, I tell you of a surety that we stood with them and they beheld the legions of angels. And thus, though they passed through the transition of death, they had the courage to stand because they had the vision not only of the Lord Christ but of all of the heavenly hosts who assisted in the translation of their souls into etheric octaves of light. Precious ones, although you have not known me, I have been with you and with your souls throughout the ages as you have pursued the Path in this and many climes.'
We have been told that Archangel Michael accompanied the first root race as they descended to earth long ago in the vicinity of the Grand Teton Mountain Range in North America. He has been the guardian and protector of evolving souls on our planet and on other systems of worlds for hundreds of thousands of years. Lord Michael and Faith maintain a focus of light, an etheric retreat over Banff near Lake Louise in the Canadian Rockies not far from the border of the United States. Students may make calls to be taken to the Temple of Faith and Protection while their bodies sleep at night. Here they will be renewed by the flame of faith and recharged with enthusiasm and strength that will enable them to 'keep on keeping on' in the service they have pledged themselves to fulfill in the world of men. You may attune with Archangel Michael through playing the Bridal Chorus from Lohengrin which contains his keynote and also the Soldiers' Chorus from Faust which is the keynote of his retreat."

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